Sunday, November 16, 2008

Christmas In My "Hood"

This is a picture of my mantel in the dining room. It's a see through fireplace
that looks into the living room . I have a large colletion of Santa Claus' and now have started collecting snowmen. One reason, is they are just so darned cute, but I can also leave the snowmen out through the winter months.

I'm getting in the spirit of Christmas today! My plans include getting my stuff out of storage, looking to see what theme I'll go with this year and get at it. I always like to change things up. I'll use some old favorites and create some new things. Today is a beautiful, sunny, dry day with highs in the 60's...which is actually COLD for Houston. That maybe what's also pushing me towards Christmas decorating. I won't be home for Thanksgiving so my Halloween/Fall decorations have carried me through November.

A few years ago I used mostly green (not actually Christmas dark green) but the fun, funky almost lime green on my tree. However, those didn't show up as well as I had anticipated so today I'm going to look and see what I can do about changing them up some....hmmm....maybe red polka dots on a green ball. I also have a lot of Radko-esque ornaments that are very classic. I guess I see what way my creative wind blows when I start to look over my storage boxes.

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  1. Really pretty. I love your colors. They are perfect for Christmas. Enjoyed seeing these.




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