Monday, November 17, 2008

Lily's Christmas Photo

Isn't this just the sweetest, most
beautiful tuxedo cat! Her name
is Lily and she is my friend's
pride and joy. She's a petite little
thing but has a large personality.
Her favorite people food is
strawberry jam and
she LOVES to "talk".


  1. Hi - I saw your comment on another blog and thought I'd jump over to see you. Your cottage style is very nice. Lily is a cutie.

  2. Thanks....I'm am SUCH a beginner at all of this but it is so FUN to discover there are people out there with "like minds". REALLY COOL! Please bear with me while I try and figure out all the in's and out's of this thing they call Blogging. I have a feeling I'm already addicted. Hehe!

  3. Oh, how cute! One of my first babies was a tuxedo cat. I think they are just so stylish, don't you? Love it!




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