Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Texas Country Home Tour--Part 2

Last week I posted about my visit to a cute little country home just north of Houston, TX. So, sit back and let's visit the inside of this home. Since it's been over 100 degrees for 7 days straight...there's no better place than inside...with the Air Conditioner BLASTING!This is my cousin, Gwen's, home and she doesn't miss a detail. Below is her master bedroom in all it's finery.
The western theme was carried into the Master Bath....the spurs and and rough framed cowboy picture are hanging above the vanity sink.
There is a beautiful glassed in shower (no picture..sorry) and a big sunken tub (partically seen below) to soak away all the aches and pains of the "cattle drives". The deer horns above the tub adds to the western touch.
And who wouldn't need a shotgun right next to the toilet? You never know when the "bad guys" might come to town! It's a REAL gun but it isn't loaded....we're Texans, but we're not CRAZY!
This is the first of two guest rooms. I loved all the windows and how there were simply adorned with just blinds. The whole house is various shades of this pretty putty color and I think it really goes well with the decor.
I thought this simple cluster of keys on the dresser was a nice touch.
Here's a view from the other side of the room. The dressers in this room are family antiques.
Who wouldn't love to cook in this kitchen??? It's so big and open. Gwen, of course, has plans for this and thinks it's too plain right now. So, on my next visit, I'll take pictures and show you what's she's done to embellish it.
Through the kitchen and on the other side of a large eat-in bar (not shown--I promise next time!) is the dining room. Below is a hutch that Ms. Gwen (pictured) turned into a storage and liquor cabinet.
The table is light by this pretty chandelier and the chairs have a beautiful Texas Star on the back.
Here's a close up for the Texas Lone Star....It is inlaid in stone.
And it's a fact, cowboys and cowgirls get very dirty working/playing on "the ranch"...so a nearby laundry room is handy. This room is small and still a work in progress. I think it has a nice view of the pretty lawn area.
Gwen is planning on doing a faux finish on the cabinets, and we caught her with just the primer coat on......but she's just like most of us, isn't she...she always has a project in the works!
So, cowgirls and cowboy wannabe's....that's another look at the country home of my sweet friend Gwen. I have some more pictures and will post later but I need to go "rustle up some vittles"...ok...actually I'm heading to lunch...LOL! Ya'll come back now...ya hear!!?!?!


  1. Thanks for sharing Gwen's home. She has such beautiful view out the windows and those antique dressers are so pretty. The stars in her dining chairs are fabulous and so unique. Can't wait to see what she does with the laundry room. Hope you enjoy the weekend Susan.

  2. so gorgeous!
    i love the cowboy bathroom!
    and the texas star in the kitchen table chairs!

  3. dont ya just love Texas! Hope you are doing well!

  4. love Gwen's home...very Texas style...I have a white schnauzer also...we've had a cool front up her in DFW area only in the 90's not over 100...it's headed back for the weekend though

  5. Cool. LOVE the gun in the bathroom, one nightmare solved!

    Gwen has great taste without being over-the-top.

    Have a fab Fourth!

  6. As a Texan, I totally understand the shotgun next to the potty! Great taste!

  7. Nothin' say Texas like a gun in the bathroom! Love it...so Blazing Saddles!

  8. Western..., coastal..., themes with endless possibilities! It's fun to tour some completely different homes (with a different theme).

  9. Gwen definitely has a theme going here! Love the cowboy picture and the spurs in the bathroom. She has a lot of room to put goodies in her kitchen- top of cabinetry. countertops..Whether or not she takes a cue to finish the rest of the house in the same theme, she has a very good start in the rest of the home. Sue

  10. Thanks for the tour of Gwens lovely home. What a treasure she has in her antiques..she has a great eye for following thru with all the details..
    Hope all is well your way.
    Happy Fourth Hugs ~lynne~

  11. I am laughing at the gun next to the toilet. I love the white cabinets in the kitchen, wish I had them.

  12. I gotta say I love the gun next to the toilet! Thanks for the tour. I want to go hang out in that garage!

    Also, I love the art (lady paintings) in the yard of the other house. I love anything that adds character and reflects the personality of the owner. Great!

  13. The shotgun by the toilet and your commentary about it had me laughing! Great Texas decor. I'm not a Texan, but I loved those chairs with the inlaid star. All of those pictures and Western treasures in the bathroom are great! laurie

  14. Hello Susan
    I came over from Jessica's blog The Cosy Kettle. I have really enjoyed my visit to your blog today. I love the house tours you shared. Your cousin Gwen's western themed home is wonderful and your neighbors pool looks very inviting.
    Happy 4th July for tomorrow.

  15. Hi Susan,
    Thanks for sharing photos of Gwen's home. She definitely has a flair for decorating. My brother has a deer feeder outside his bedroom window! That is convenience!

  16. What a great tour~! I love it! Thanks for sharing Gwen's home! Nancy

  17. Hi again, I'm reading down through your older posts. I LOVE the way Gwen has decorated. My eyes 'bout popped out of my head when I saw that photo of Tommy Lee Jones in her bathroom. Where did she find those Lonesome Dove photos? That is still one of my favorite movies. I don't know whether I love Tommy Lee Jones and Robert Duvall, or Woodrow and Gus!


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