Sunday, November 22, 2009

Galveston Victorian House, Part Deux

A few days ago I took you on a tour of my friends beautiful home in Galveston. I'm back with myore pictures of James and Jody's house and other pretty homes on their street. The picture below is a framed poster showing the front of their home, advertising a Historic Home Tour several years ago. This beauty is the home across the street. As you can see the tree on the far left is dead. Here in Houston/Galveston we still have MANY green leaves on our trees this time of year. This tree died because Hurricane Ike brought SO MUCH Sea water onto the island that many of the old oaks, pecans, pines, etc died. There are red "X's" all over the island on trees that are being marked for removal by the city.
Step into the big, beautiful kitchen. The ceilings are really tall (don't know the exact height). Check out the cabinets....they are original
This is a small 1/2 bath off the kitchen. The stained glasses is original to the person, its a vibrant purple, green and gold! Check out the deep, crackled sink....
I love the fun little touches. Check out the "girl" in the corner of the stair landing. And check out the winding, beauty of the stairs.
And more stained glass on the next stair landing, heading to the third floor! This place is HUGE!
Thank goodness the big oak tree you see out of this stained glass survived and will NOT be cut down! YEAH!!
On to the backyard.....a Carriage House that is tiny but cute. A Houstonian leases the place and comes down on the weekends.
This is me and my long time friend James. He's one of the owners of the home and has absolutely wonderful taste and can do much of the work himself. What a skill, huh?
Here's another view of the back yard. Most of the plants had to be replaced and the soil amended because of sea water. Check out the cool walkways he and Jody created out of the old bricks they found through out the property. I'm always amazed at their ingenuity! THEY ROCK!
Since I figured you might want to see more of their neighborhood, I took some pictures on my way out. Get ready to ooooohhhhh and awwwwwww.....they are stunning. Galveston has come a long way since Ike but there are still tarps on roofs, trees needing to be cut down, etc., but "they've come a long way baby". Looking good!!!!

Thanks for coming along with me to time I go I'll take more pictures. :)


  1. Hi Susan, I thoroughly enjoyed these gorgeous homes. Those stained glass windows are such a treasure. Thank you for all of the lovely photos and I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Hi Susan, so glad you visited my blog because I love yours! I moved to TN five years ago from League City, TX. It is nice to know a fellow blogger who loves color, too. Happy Thanksgiving to you.

  3. Wow, Your friends have a gorgeous home! I remember going to Galveston as a teenager to tour Bishop's Palace. It was stunning! I hope to go back with my husband sometime!

  4. Hi Susan. They have done a beautiful job on their home. It's gorgeous. I keep popping back to the picture of the kitchen, the cabinetry is stunning. Loved the tour of the neighborhood. We've never been to Galveston but we may have to plan a trip after seeing this. Kathy

  5. Girl you had me at the sinks! Love 'em. I have always thought Galveston had some of the most beautiful homes and considering the city's history it's not surprising. I especially like the way they are built "up"! Gives 'em a certain regional look.

  6. Hi Susan! :)

    This was fun! I've never been to Texas, and I agree, it is stunning!

    Thanks for popping by to visit me @ my little blog - I'm so happy to meet you!


  7. WOW! They did some awesome work! Thanks for sharing Honey!!

  8. I'm following now since for some reason I tend to forget to stop by and see you--which is a big loss on my part ;-) I'm trying to blog visit while paint is drying, lol!

    I loved this tour. I never knew Galveston had such wonderful homes. I've never been there, however dh's parents lived there when his dad was in the coast guard and dh was born there!

    Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

  9. Susan,
    Beautiful homes....Just Gorgeous! Thanks you for sharing the tour through your home and neighborhood... Stopping by to tell you ...Thanks for your prayers...And wishing your Happy Thanksgivng...Love ya my friend..Katherinellen

  10. those houses have so much personalities. Oh i would love to live in one. But it would have to be updated. i dont have the patience like some people that really like to redo old houses.. lol mishelle

  11. Stained glass windows in bathrooms are so lovely. The colors that blend in with the natural light from the outside relaxes me and takes away all my stress. When my brother asked his Jenks real estate agent to find him a house, the agent searched through all Jenks, Oklahoma homes just to find one with a stained glass window! And that's how I discovered their apparent stress-relieving effects. Try it for yourself!


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