Friday, April 2, 2010

Craft Day---Easter Style

Recently my crafting buddies and I had another craft day and this time we made Easter Egg wreaths. Jenn, who hosted this time, always has the cutest ideas and is such a great event planner. Below are the gifts baskets we all got to take home. Note along with the baskets are some cleaver decorating ideas.
We all brought a grapevine wreath, eggs already the right color or painted before hand, and a hot glue gun.
Vanessa found some really cute egg garland and glued THAT onto her wreath. And she SAYS she's not crafty!
Here is the finished product.
After I got home, I added some ribbon for hanging, my little "welcome" sign and a little bit more vine that I cut from my yard.
Here's what the finished product looked like hanging on my door.
And whoops, wouldn't you know it..... I've already had a few eggs drop off...but never fear, I'll get out the trusty Glue Gun and it will be easily fixed. Those high temperatures we had earlier in the week must has loosened up some of the glue.
Happy Spring Ya'll....hope you have a wonderful Easter!!!!


  1. Cute girls, cute crafts, cute post. Susan, I hope your Easter weekend is colorful, fun, and springy!

  2. It's so nice that you have crafting buddies! I bet you have fun. The wreaths are adorable!

  3. Those wreaths y'all made are adorable! I'll have to do that next year.

  4. How crafty you gals are! That's a great idea, have a craft party and you can visit while you work.

  5. I think a crafting group sounds wonderful. Those look like cute and easy crafts--my kind of thing☺

    Hope you had a good Easter.

  6. Those egg wreaths are just so adorable, hope you had a fun Easter!

  7. the fun part is making it together!

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