Monday, April 11, 2011

Here's Your Warrenton Sign!

My friends all know I have a THING for SIGNS!  Especially Coca-Cola and Dr. Pepper signs. And they need to be OLD!  But those are generally very costly so I don't have many....most just pictures of signs. 
Warrenton didn't fail me on COOL signs.  I would love to have bought this Coca-Cola sign, but it would have set me back several hundred dollars. Which isn't a BAD price, just not in my budget right now.
Warrenton is full of interesting booths and fun and funky signs directing us to those booths!  What's not to love about Gaudy AND Chic!  Not a thang............
The sign is from a favorite booth .....Texas Trash and Treasures.  They also have a very cool store in the itty bitty town of Carmine, on Hwy 290...It's the Big Turquoise Building.  For the past few antique shows they've had a photo contest.  The contest is to take pictures of all the happening at Warrenton and then send them to the Texas Trash and Treasures.  Last year I was one of the lucky winners and won a $50 gift certificate for just taking pictures.  HOW COOL!

Hmmmmmm......see anything wrong with this picture?  I'm not an English teacher....I'm just sayin'!!!!!
And who didn't grow up eating Sunbeam bread?  This metal sign was in optimum condition.
And here I am taking home ANOTHER sign from  Texas Trash and Treasures.  I guess I'm just an old Hippie....I LOVED the hand on the sign, giving the Peace Sign!
This was our final "SIGN" that the wonderful shopping trip was over.  The sun was going down on  Warrenton....our feet were tired but our hearts were happy!   


  1. Oh gosh, that looks like a place I would LOVE to visit!!! Peace!! haha ... Donna

  2. The Coke sign is fabulous. We saw a sign yesterday that had peaches spelled peches.

  3. I love all the sings! Isn't it funny to see pictures of the same event from other's eyes. I am glad you had a good time...we had a BLAST. I always say that Warrenton is my Disneyworld! Thanks for visiting the blog...I love yours!

  4. Cool signs, looks like a great trip-peace out:@)

  5. Hi there! Thank you so much for coming by today and becoming a new friend to us At the Picket Fence! I absolutely LOVE your is warm, colorful, cheerful and totally welcoming. I imagine it is an accurate reflection of the author! :-)
    Look forward to seeing more of you here in blogland!

  6. Hi Susan! Thanks for stopping by my little ole blog :)
    You should come visit McKinney. You would love it. I love signs too :)
    Off to wander around your blog.

  7. Hello there, so glad you stopped by my place so that I could find ya. Love to see old signs, especially hanging on old buildings. I am going to nose around here and see what all I can find, and I am following you back.

  8. Love the photo of the bike! I just did a post on bikes. Saw you comment on someone else's post today and signed off from Houston so I knew I had to get over here and follow my TX sister! lol I was born and raised in Houston. Living in GA now. Hoping to get back there someday! No place like TX!
    I'm your newest follower and would be delighted to have you follow me back! I'm enjoying browsing around here today.

  9. Oooh, yeah! I love those signs too!! I'd love to find a real cracker and have it on a wall somewhere. Some of the ones you've found would do nicely!!


  10. I remember Sunbeam bread from when I lived in TX! But, if you grew up in the north, it was WONDER bread to the rescue!

    susan, I can tell you really have a good time junkin' and if any girl knows how to have a good time- it's a Texas one! ♥


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