Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Something for EVERYONE at Warrenton

Ever seen a Big Ole' ball of barbed wire...or as some Texas Cowboys say "bob war"?  It was huge....as you can see by the big buckets of rocks next to it.  I guess there's a buyer for ALL things. 
How about a baggie full of beer bottle caps?  My friends and I saved all our bottlecaps from last summer....and let me tell ya....we  guzzled collected a lot and we had fun in the process!  But we still haven't done any projects with them but have tons of ideas. 
Last year I won a $50 gift certificate for submitting a photo of the Warrenton Market.  This year the photo contest was run again.  NOTE TO SELF:  Get photos over to the Texas Trash and Treasures website so you can win ANOTHER gift certificate. 
There's something about a bicycle built for two that's just plain fun! This is a pretty simple version.  Notice, no hand breaks and just one speed.....GO!
Do you have a whole drawer of mis-matched silverware?  Here's a cleaver idea to spruce up your plain birdhouse!
Burlap bags just flapping in the wind...could be turned into pillows, curtains, chair covers, tote bags....limitless ideas.  I know you cleaver ladies could come up with all sorts of great ideas.
How about an embroidered headboard/footboard?  It's sure to promote sweet dreams.  And how about that prism chandelier?
Nothing says Texas Junk Gypsy better than Longhorns on the front of your pink SUV.  And to protect innocent by-standers from being gored by the sharp horns.....pink coozies are on the pointy tips. 
Ruffled bloomers, anyone?
COOL old television from the 60's.....the guy selling it said it worked!!!  Obviously no remote control came with it.  You have to change channels the old fashioned way, remember that?  Oh the excercise we now miss by not getting off the couch to change the channels!
And lastly, one tired dog (not for sale) because she's too precious to her owners.  But, she let you have all the FREE PETS you wanted!


  1. Hi Susan, I will probably never get to Texas so thanks for taking me with you to Warrenton. The TV is too cool and those bloomers are off the chain. ♥O

  2. Susan, what wonderful photo's you got. I really want to go in the fall I missed the spring show. I love the TV and not only did we get up to change channel dad had to slap the side of it to get it to quite rolling sometimes......we put nickels on our record player hand to get it to keep from skipping. I wanted to thank you so much for the very kind words you left for me it is very much appreciated! Nice to meet a new friend!

  3. I missed Warrenton because of my trip...sure hope I get to go in the fall!!!! thanks for sharing...and what did you buy with your gift certificate???????????????


  4. I sure hope to get the chance to go there again someday! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh wow! This looks like such a great place. Your pictures are awesome and I am really glad that I found your blog!!

  6. Looks like you had a great time! I just hate that I was not able to go this time, so much fun stuff to see, do and BUY. Oh well, maybe in the Fall. If its not 100 degrees. LOL

    Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such sweet words! I appreciate the kindness! I do love Texas Blogging Gals, such a cool thing! Connects us Texas Gals! :)


  7. Oh my goodness! My boys and I have been laughing at ourselves lately for how often we say "Big Ole"! Ha-ha! That *is* a BIG OLE ball of bob war! :)


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