Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Colorful Warrenton!!!!

The Warrenton Antique Festival is always a great and COLORFUL time!  I bought a few things which I blog about next, but here's what my camera caught that I thought you might enjoy!  

A huge, rabbit pinata!

Pretty and sweet Easter decorations under cloches!  What DOESN'T look good under a cloche?
I collect vintage Coca-Cola art/signs so this pretty red club chair caught my eye!  
Hubba-Hubba....a Surfer Boy!....and his embarrassed side-kick, who wouldn't show her face!
A beautiful, sunny Texas day showed off these colorful canisters.  I NEED those purple ones!
Looks like Cougarville wasn't getting any action....and NO...I didn't buy the sign.  :)  But THOUGHT about buying the Coca-Cola table and chairs.  
Pretty pillows and other "Frenchy" looking goodies.....oh la la.....
Some colorful and funky mushrooms...........
A hair-dryer that my friend, Susan A., almost bought.  She loves Mid-Century Modern and had dreams of making it into a funky lamp!
We stopped by and chatted with the Junk Gypsy girls.  Susan A. even WORE her Junk Gypsy tee-shirt. 
Mirror, Mirror on the rusted wall.....we didn't by one, but we sure had a ball.  (my attempt at poetry)
More fun Paris stuff...and the best part....their cute AIRSTREAM!  I WANT ONE!
And of course....colorful signs!
Turquoise lovelies!
Super Cool Vintage Price Tags!  Pricey....but worth it. They were in great shape. 
Vintage clothes and Prom Dresses.  Oh the stories those dresses could tell.  Check out the fox stole on the red dress.  Mrs Franklin used to sit in front of me at church every Sunday morning when I was a young girl.  She had a similar fox stole and it mesmerized me.  LOL!
Birds would LOVE to come live in THIS birdhouse!
Spring Texas Flowers are looking good!  The petunias won't last much into the Summer, but they sure are pretty and colorful now!
It was a beautiful day to hang by a pond, or under a tree and look at pretty things.  Check out the ORANGE School Lockers in the background and the pretty chenille throw in front.  
I ALWAYS drool at this booth and dream of taking one home with me....or having a handyman build me something similar.  The sink is a continuous running fountain.....it's a nice sound to listen to under the trees while potting new plants.  
A Texas Sized Rooter....holding corn for our little squirrel friends. 

And this sign IS NOT TRUE....there are great deals to be found in Warrenton.  All the little towns along the way have sales of their own so we decided to stop before heading home.  This particular place was a little tee-shirt/jewelry booth and they had nice things but we were already shopped out from Warrenton.  I just thought the sign was a HOOT!  :)
Check back in a few days and I'll show you what I bought..................................WOOOHOOOO. 


  1. Wow...this looks like so much fun! You got some great pictures, too. I love that last sign! I can't wait to see what you came home with! :)


  2. Love all the stuff ! Great photos , thanks for taking us along ! Looking forward to see all your finds ! Have a great day !

  3. Looks like fun. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  4. I want a potting bench just like that one. I saved your image, just for me to show my hubs. What a sale. Thanks Susan for showing me a place I will never get too.

  5. I have always wanted to go to Warrenton and never was sure enough about where to stay after I drove 16 hours, because from I what i have read in's out in fields, no Hampton Inns LOL

    I loved the Cocoa cola items I have a sister who use to collect little coca colas items I found her a pocket knife once with a fancy gibson girl on it , said coca cola

    I really enjoyed the pictures, also thanks for coming over to my blog


  6. Looks like a great festival! So many treasures and I love that Coca Cola chair! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  7. Hi! Came across your blog. Always great to find a fellow local. I live in Historic Rosenberg. I am your newest follower.

  8. Susan thanks so much for stopping by for a visit and becoming a follower:) Following you back!

  9. I would love to go to a show like that. Retirement isn't far away and I will have the time.

  10. I absolutely LOVE shopping at Warrenton. My husband comes with me and we haul the cargo trailer with us and I do my best to fill it :D

    I am enjoying reading your blog and love your sense of humor.



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