Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Silly Scarecrow!!!

This year I updated my Scarecrow just a tad.......can you see what went wrong?  
 Hmmm....Yes Indeed......Last year he wore overalls, but this year he got a NEW pair of worn out jeans.  However, I failed to take into account he doesn't have a waistline and no matter how tight I pulled the belt...his pants fell down!
 Even Carson was watching out the front door and noticed that Mr. Scarecrow's pants had fallen down.
So a quick trip to Value Village (our local Goodwill type store) was in order.  I found Mr. Scarecrow a great pair of Purple, Green and Yellow Suspenders.  Most likely they were from a Mardi Gras outfit, but they fit just perfectly and now his pants are staying up!  YEAH!  Happy Halloween Ya'll!

Check back soon......I'm in the mood to blog again and I have lots to show and tell you. I recently went on My FIRST trip to New York City; had a quick visit to Baltimore and then on to Frederick County, Delaware to antique shop!  AND a local trip to Warrenton to get into the Fall Spirit!


  1. Your scarecrow made me smile! The braces look very smart and hopefully he won't have any more mishaps.
    Sarah x

  2. Oh how cute, pants up or down! Brilliant idea to get him suspenders. Have a good weekend. laurie


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