Monday, November 19, 2012

Friendly Ghosts and Other non-Frightening Fall Decor

Ok....I deserve it....You can ALL say....Better late than never, Susan!  You bloggers always amaze me by being so on top of your decorating blogging. :)  Here we are coming up on Thanksgiving and I'm blogging about Halloween/Fall decorating.  
I like to decorate my mantels with books....and this cute purple book I found at a Garage Sale, about "Gus the FRIENDLY Ghost" fits right in.
Here's a view of the whole mantel.  I have a two-sided fireplace and this one faces the dining room.
Last year I received this cute Halloween card, I saved it knowing it would play a part in my decorating.  Maybe next year I'll get around to framing it.
More books and a raven pillow that was a gift from my neighbor decorate my living room mantle.
Originally the pillow was stark white...but since that doesn't fit into my color scheme, I tea dyed it to make it look older and more yellow.
No....I don't really have POISON, but I found some Martha Stewart bottle labels so I FORCED myself gladly drank  (with help, of course) a bottle of wine! (and yes that IS me holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa!)  Wonder Woman Watch Out!
I found this cute jack-o-lantern and black cat garland (made out of thin wood) last year and it's become one of my favorite pieces.
Sweet, plump little birds add to the nature theme.
More books....these are from my trip to Paris a year ago.  Since they are small and flat, they made great mementos of the trip to bring back with me.  I decorate with books all year long.  Do you?
Here's a view of the entire mantel.
My living room mantle is painted red.....on a deep purple wall.  What??!??!?!  Is it that obvious that I Like COLOR!  Ya'll have a great Thanksgiving!!


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