Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Neighborhood Plant Farm

This fun and funky, colorful Houston Heights Plant Farm is on my errand route  most weekends. For several months I've been telling myself ..."I need to stop in and check that out!"  It's on a busy urban street, in the shadows of Downtown Houston and just the type of place I like to poke around!
My friend Susan A. and I drove by on our way home from Urban Market Hunting.   Susan A. has a VERY brilliant emerald green thumb while mine is more a blackish, green!  My best plants are ones that thrive on neglect.  Yet, I'm still drawn to garden stores, with the ever present hope that one day I'll be able to keep things alive.

These succulents found a pretty home in a colorfully painted frame.  Cute idea, huh?
Other succulents and herbs found a forever home in a pretty white colander. 
Around each corner was a fun surprise......there were cute bunnies that let us feed them.
The bunnies live in the hutch on the right.
These type of signs always catch my eye.  One of these days I want to create on for my yard, with some of the exotic destinations that I've traveled to.

Everywhere we turned there was a pretty grouping of plants, yard art and statuary.

I found lots of pretty fall color on the front porch.

You know what they say about us Texans.....?  We are REALLY proud of our state and use the state shape in many, many different ways.  How about a Texas birdbath????
Inside the former 2 bedroom/2 bath cottage the owners have created a fun place to shop for unusual items.  Do you know anyone that would like a Texas Plant Stake?
The colorful kitchen .............
We had a blast shopping for plants and visiting with the help.  She was so knowledgeable and accommodating and even took our picture!  If you are in the Houston Heights area....go check it won't be disappointed.


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