Monday, November 17, 2008

My cat, Riley

Riley's name was already decided upon before I found her in a neighbor's garage. I knew that my next cat would be named RILEY, because at MY house any cat there leads "the life of Riley".

On a spring evening, seven years ago, my neighbors were grilling shrimp and a sudden thunderstorm arose. We drug the barbeque pit into the garage to finish cooking, and didn't see a tiny platinum and white kitten sneaking in the garage hoping to get a taste of the shrimp. It wasn't until the next morning we heard a wee little meow coming from the garage. After further investigation we discovered this fiesty kitten stuck behind some boxes and she couldn't get out. I promptly adopted this beautiful cat...and gave her the name I'd been saving--RILEY. To this day she still has permanent laryngitis from crying all night, trying to get out of that garage. She doesn't really meow....she makes a noise that sounds like....MEEEEPS!!!!


  1. Awww..Riley is so cute! How precious...good thing Riley didn't get too smooshed! ;)

    Have a good evening!

  2. Great name and precious cat! I've always been a cat lover. He's such a nice boy, and he's lucky to have you for his mom.



  3. I really like the name Riley ,I'll decide what name to pick soon . Thanks for coming to see my new little stray cat .I wish it would tame down a bit so I could hold it and show it some love .
    I really like you blog ,
    God Bless you .


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