Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This is my little shed project. These windows (and four more) were given to me by a neighbor who was replacing all their old windows! LUCKY ME! I painted them red to match my backyard decor and then mosaic'd them with broken mirror

pieces I got from my local window/mirror store.The windows are complete now AND the tree was removed. It was a big pecan tree that I had removed this past spring and I'm SURE glad I did. When IKE blew in September 12,

this tree probably would have fallen and landed on my house. I fussed when I had to pay several hundred dollars to get it removed, but in retrospect...I sure was glad I removed the tree when I did or I might be one of those families in town

with a BIG BLUE TARP on my house in place of a roof.

Here is the finished window and the pecan tree removed. I had a new stone patio put in this summer so there is a nice winding path to the little shed. Currently the shed is for storage but I would one day like to turn it into a storage shed/potting shed.


  1. Hi Susan! First of all, I'm glad too you had that tree removed and that may have really saved your roof! Now the windows look perfect on your little shed. It's a precious little shed, too! Thanks for coming to visit me today.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Great shed, and the windows are just darling! Love the paint colors!

    Thanks for coming by for a visit! I do love that song...Give me your eyes! Great message there! :) ~Rhonda

  3. Oh wow! I love the mosaic on the "window!" - so clever!!!

    Thanks for popping through my blog! I'm interested to see your music-papered wallpaper!

  4. I can identify about the tree. We live in Florida! Cute shed!



  5. The window idea was a stroke of genius. I love the broken mirrors. It turned out to be something really special!


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