Saturday, November 22, 2008


OK....this is my first attempt at "tagging" and I hope I've gotten this correct. If not, forgive me! I've attached the "URL" of the blog I think I'm suppose to ....but if not....any advice is appreciated.

I'm not much of a PINK girl....I like the color....I'm just in a brighter color phase as you can see by all my previous blogs. However, I did find some pretty pink pictures in my travel pic folder. Check out these beautiful pics....
The first picture is from my Mission Trip to Honduras this summer. This was taken at a lake-side open air restaurant the locals frequented. These jars were on all the tables as condiments like we would have salt, pepper, and ketchup. It's pickled onion and cabbage.

This is in my FAVORITE place in's a city called Vernazza (Cinque Terra/aka Five Lands). It's not as touristy as Portofino and even more picturesque. This pretty pink church is right on the water. This was the view from my hotel room....ahhhhh.......!

Here's a cute little PINK bakery in the same city of Vernazza, Italy.

and....a pretty pink sunset from may favorite guessed it....VENAZZA! FYI...Vernazza is the city is responsible for creating the delicious dish we know as PESTO....YUMMY!

This is a grape arbor with beautiful pink/red leaves and pink begonias covering the parking lot at the hotel in a small town just outside of Florence. Florence is in sort of a valley and we could see the lights of Florence from our balcony.

This fun pink balloon sculpture was along with waterways in Venice.


  1. You did a fabulous job of Pink Saturday. Oh the wonderful places you have been to. I dream of going there one day. Thanks for sharing and allowing me to go there with you through your pictures.

  2. Oh I am so jealous of everywhere you've been!! Wonderful pictures I just loved them!

  3. What a beautiful place to visit! I love the pink balloon sculpture!!! Nice job on your first pink Saturday!

  4. I love the pink doggy!! :) How cool. Hope you had a great Pink Saturday!

  5. I adore all of your pink -- oh, those Italy photos are to die for! But they're all fabulous!

    Happy Pink Saturday (on Monday!) and thanks for visiting my spot, too!


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