Thursday, November 20, 2008

The REST of the Room.....

This is a continuation of my previous blog. The game room/bar/guest room (I still don't know EXACTLY what to call the room since the ex-left and took the pool table...LOL!) has the music and Coca-Cola theme too. I continued the ceiling papering with the sheet music. I wanted a huge mirror to go behind the sink in the little kitchen area, but when I priced one it was out of my budget. I was shopping at Big Lot's one day (do ya'll have those where you live???) and found the 15" x 12" (or so) mirrors for $5 EACH. I snagged up all they had and then came home and "played" with the look. The frames were goldish color and didn't quite give me the look I guess what I DID...yep, you're right, I PAINTED THEM. I just toned down the gold with a little platinum so it blended in more with the mirrors. The top colored dots are coasters I bought at Ikea. They are rubbery and fit in with the colorful theme of the room.

This is a faux fireplace I've hauled around to several houses. It's been a couple of different colors (imagine that!) but it's adds a lot of architectural detail to any boring room. I've had candles and mirrors inside to re-create a faux fire. This year I'm working on a new "fire". The base is a styrofoam sheet rescued for the box my computer was packed in. So I guess that's officially another trash to treasure (LOL!) I mosaic'd (obviously my favorite new thing) on mirror pieces from my gigantic stash of broken mirror peices (see earlier posts on Shed/Windows). The tubes are recyled from an architect friend who received them as packing tubes...and of course it's a challenge to me to think of ways to use them. My idea, which I haven't completed yet, is to drill many holes in the tubes, insert Christmas lights on a string into the tube so the light will shine through the little holes.. I'm still playing with whether to use red/yellow lights or just use clear lights--the colored ones might look more like fire. What do YA'LL think? I promise to work on that soon and then post it.
PS: The little color dots in the arch are just painted on but they match the colorfulness of the room, yeah????


  1. I think it's cool...and I really love your blog sweet!! :)

  2. Your blog is very colorfuul...I like it! Thanks for visiting me...I am new to blogging to but I am having so much fun!

    Warm Wishes,

  3. I really like your colors and the coca cola theme. Also, the faux fireplace is great.

  4. I cannot believe the magic you create on a budget!!!! You need your own HGTV show!

  5. I agree with the previous comment! Get a show :)

    Hmmm... so are the tops of the cardboard tubes open?

    Not sure if this idea would work, but what if you wrapped colored lights around the outside of each one, and picked up some of the glass globe covers from the thrift store and stuffed yellow lights inside that? So it looks like huge candles for Xmas? Ahhhh, then add some garland around the base and voila, instant Xmas cheer in a much funky way!

  6. Hi Susan!
    Thank You for visiting my blog and for the comment on my search for a good fudge recipe! Come back and visit often, and join my group of Yakkers if you like! Your blog is really cool!
    ~Tam :D


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