Monday, December 15, 2008


WOOHOOO.....Today I had not one, but THREE exciting things delivered in the mail.

First, a sweet little gift from Jan at Jan & Toms, She'd promised me a little treat for being the first to notice her blog header had changed into a beautiful nativity scene. So, today, in my mail box was a sadly, mangled envelope. The envelope must have gotten caught and ripped in post office machinery.
The Post Office lovingly tape the package together and got it to me all in one piece, wrapped up in a "We Care" plastic protection.
Jan sent me a very sweet and pretty card and a cute little package of tea bags in a rose fabric pouch!!!! My FIRST gift from blogging.....I'm VERY EXCITED. Thanks Jan!

Second, I had a small envelope from the IRS. Usually if the package is BIG, it's not good news, because I've gotten my share of those. The IRS will write: "Dear Ms. Susan....YOU OWE MORE....SEND IT NOW!" However, today's letter was a refund check for some sort of over-payment. It's not big, (less than $5.00) but I'LL take it and maybe buy a couple of nice scones to go with the tea Jan sent.
Last, but not least, I received a Christmas Card from the young girl I sponsor in Tegulcigalpa, Honduras through Mission of Mercy. Her name is Iris and I was blessed this summer to spend 4 days with her. On the last day of our visit, we gave all the children gift of shoes, games, trinkets and all of us left a piece of our hearts there. Meeting Iris' sweet mother and one of her sisters, was a real treat.
One of the high school aged girls in our group made prayer pillows for all the children in our project. These were cross shaped pillows with a little pocket on the front where we tucked a little personalized prayers that were translated in Spanish. The picture below was taken on our last day....Iris, and all the rest of the children were glowing after being showered with all our gifts. The plastic bag she's holding contains her new shoes. She didn't want to wear her cute new shoes home that day. She had to climb up a long rocky, dusty road before she arrived home and she didn't want to get her new shoes dirty! Just look at her precious face....that day in July was CHRISTMAS for her!

Merry Christmas Ya'll.....


  1. Oh wow!!! I love the mangled package!! I'm just glad that once it got mangled, it made it to you!!

    I'm so glad you like the little gift.


  2. Did I hear you say Tea? mmmm I will be right over! see ya in a bit!
    giggle gigggle
    Hope you have a wonderful Day

  3. Hey Susan,

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Snow days truly are the best!

    Getting mail is always fun for me... no matter how old I am!


    Sylvia C.

  4. I'll say that's a good day!! Kick back with some of that wonderful tea.... and scones *winks* And enjoy the Christmas card from your little Iris contentedly. What a wonderful thing you do for her! She is glowing so brightly holding onto those shoes! My heart just swells looking at her! Awwwwwwwww! Vanna

  5. Hi Susan, you did have a good mail day, the lovely tea and your check to buy scones and best of all your card from Iris, who is adorable and how lovely that you got the chance to meet and spend time with her and her family, she has such a beautiful smile, Kathy.

  6. You have to check out my blog today. I posted your site. Remember your thrill at snow? In Iowa, we are getting it good!!!! Stay warm. I am so with you at the joy when you get to the mailbox and get a special package! Love, Carol

  7. Oh, such a nice mail day! I'm glad your tea treat arrived without too much trama.

  8. Isn't it great to get fun mail?! Mission of mercy...never heard of it...sounds awesome! I've been involved with Compassion before. That is really neat to travel to see Iris and I love the photo of her with the new shoes.

  9. OH...I was laughing at your use of the term "accumilation" to the snow on your chairs! (yes I realize you're way down south...I grew up down south!) Hop on over to my blog and see a few of my snow shots!

  10. Gosh I hope my package doesn't get put in a "we care bag" from the PO! :) would come UPS Ground...and better be in tack

    But, isn't it nice to get packages in the matter how they get there?


  11. You had a banner day Susan, I hope it continues!

  12. Good morning Susan...How nice to get GOOD mail instead of a pile of bills...LOL and your little Iris is so adorable & looks so very proud of her new shoes...what a great mission you are part of...
    ;-) Bo


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