Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Are You Adventurous and Have Big Dreams??

I've always thought of myself as somewhat adventurous.--willing to try new things and go new places. Do you? My dream once was to move somewhere like New York City for a year. I'd love to be able to soak up the culture and diversity; poke around the different neighborhoods; walk or take the subway to work; live a completely different lifestyle than my life here in Houston, Texas. Manhattan would be a great place to settle and have a job in a creative industry; maybe at a magazine, a fashion house or the theatre! I know it's a dream but if you're gonna dream, dream big, RIGHT?!?
Today, an opportunity was thrown at me that surprisingly threw me for a loop. There a VERY remote chance I could transfer to Europe and work for at least 3 years. When my supervisor called and told me about the position, I laughed and didn't think she was serious. I very quickly said..."OMG...I can't go"? What about the language, the living arrangements, my dog/cat, my friends....? How's THAT for being professional...!!! UGHHH...I'm just a big wienie!

I surprised myself. Now that a REAL opportunity arises I chicken out and back-peddle. Have I've gotten too old for adventure and now I'm too settled? I'm a home owner and a pet owner that what is making a big difference?
It turns out the position would most likely be in London...which at LEAST I sort of speak the language...they DO speak Texan there, don't they?
This is all in the very preliminary stages and not a done deal by any means (probably the chances are 1-1,000 that I would be offered the position)....but I'm certainly wondering if all along I've just been a big talker and never intended to do anything adventurous?

Have YOU had dreams, and then faced with the possibility that they might actually come true, you cave and run straight for your old, safe, familiar life and ultimately never fulfill your dreams? Just curious.......


  1. Quit being a wienie and move to London. That way I can come and visit. I'm sure they speak Texan, doesn't everyone?

    Just kidding, I'm sure that would be a lot to take in all at once. Sounds like you may have some big decisions to make soon.

  2. I am right with Kelly! DO IT! And, I'll come and visit you!

  3. I left this exact comment on my blog and then thought...oh, you might not go back to the comment section of that post. sheesh! so, I'll post here too. ;)

    Susan - I saw your comment and popped right over to your latest post. omg is an understatement!! I've written a lot on "change" so feel free to use the search bar on my blog with that word and you'll get all of the posts. ...there a lot but most of them surround the mini's. lol I'm enjoying getting to know you too and Carson just looks smashing in his latest photo! ;)

  4. Today must've been the day to talk about CHANGE. If you get a chance, take a peek at my own post today on the subject . . . :)

    Have fun dreaming of the possibilities - even if the move doesn't pan out.

    Have a nice evening!

  5. Hi just saw your note... yes I think it has changed her, she has a heart of gold that girl of ours, she is talking about going back before she start University in Sept!!! I guess it is "her dream" I am just sooo glad shes home!! Thanks so much for coming by!! Chrissy

  6. I have dreams.. but very quickly realize.. I wouldn't be able to live them...

    I'd love to move to the states.. only problem is.. we don't have any jobs over there.. and NO home waiting for us...
    BUT still.. if we had those things.. HOW could I take my kids and move MILES AND MILES away from their families.. aunts and uncles, grandparents and friend etc... THAT is what stops ME.

    Had I been alone... I would! AND I have done it.. at least for a year!

  7. From one Texas gal to another ~ GO FOR IT*!!! I hope you don't mind if I add you to my bloglist, but now I MUST come again and see what happens*!!! _Ashley*

  8. Go for it girl! Don't ya think you'd regret it if you don't?

  9. I think it would be fun.. Pets can move with you and friends if they are true friends they will be there when you get back!

  10. Wow! What an opportunity! But, that is easy for me to say, since I don't have to make the decision. I'd probably be just like you and start worrying about whether or not to do it. Good luck! laurie

  11. Thanks for the comment. Wish I could go to LONDON. My hubby travels to europe often and has mention moving to London. I've considered it. My kids well they would hate it. Denise

  12. That sounds like such an exciting opportunity!!

  13. Excellent Susan you will be my opposite twin, you would love London and Italy is just a quick flight away. I lived in London for 45 of my years and never dreamt I would move to the USA and believe me I had a lot of panic attacks and miss my family too much, but the adventure and the life over here is so wonderful and I get to go back as often as I need. Grab this opportunately if you can you won't regret it. keep me posted, fingers crossed for you, Kathy.

  14. I think that here is a situation wherein truly knowing yourself will hold all the answers.
    And this characteristic doesn't have to be static or set in stone. Sometimes we want to fly..and sometimes we want our feet firmly planted. Only you know your heart. But to answer your question..of course we all do this sometimes.
    I hope that whatever you choose will be the best thing for you. Good luck!

  15. Good luck with your big decission Susan. As you can maybe tell from the name of my blog 'Life At Home' I would not want to go. That is just me. At my age I have had many adventures but my favorite ones are the memories that have been made at home.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. It is very nice to meet you.

  16. You certainly nailed that one! And I have to say that I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one that can wreck something for myself, screw up an opportunity, whatever the case may be-yes, I've run for the cover of familiarity too!

  17. Susan, I know that you'll make the right decision. Make sure to pray for guidance. I am not sure what I would do. Are you happy in your current job? Is it secure? I'd sit down and write the pros and cons. Then you'll have a better idea about how you really feel. The grass isn't always greener on the other side of the fence. You are in my prayers.
    Hugs, Terrie

  18. Take the opportunity and run with it. I turned down an opportunity for some great travels with my job and I so regret it.

    Hmm, I speak LA (close to Texan) and I doubt they would understand a word I say!


  19. What a great post! I'm not sure what I would do in your position! When I was young I had the same dream as move to New York City and become a flight attendant. I got married at age 20 instead! My daughter on the other hand moved to Chicago and is a flight attendant!

    I'll be anxious to see what you decide!


  20. I have always been one to jump right in and go for it. Then when I get where I am going, I wonder what the heck I was thinking to make such a decision. I second guess myself.

    It has always worked out, and in the end I am glad that I have thrown fear to the wind.

    I think it has to do with realizing that change is a state of mind not miles. We miss family, but that is what airplanes are for.

    Don't ever regret not living out your dreams because of what others might think.

  21. I can certainly understand your hesitation but, why not go for it!! Don't miss out on a fabulous new adventure......

    Thanks for visiting my blog and entering the giveAway, DebraK

  22. do it it.
    I had the opportunity of my dreams come last fall and I turned it down....I kick myself every day for it....don't let fear drag you down ...GO FOR THE GOLD!

    as for the fertilizer...I have a neighbor like that too....I just told her to shut up or I would come over the fence and decide what she would be eating! Hey...she was so awful for so long...someone had to stand up to is afraid of me and leaves me alone! lol

  23. I thought I should come over and say "HI" to you since you visited me! I like your fur babies. The coloring on your dog is great:)

    Don't say NO can always bring your fur babies with you and rent your house out here.

    We'll chat again.
    Deb :)

  24. Your response was natural. I know you'll go :) .
    Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. Marilyn

  25. Hi sweetie!

    You are so silly! Remember what I had told you....DREAM, PLAN, DO! What an adventure it would be for you....and besides think of all the flea markets!!!! :)

    Trust me, we have felt like you (even if we don't want to admit it), but now it is time to step up and truly "walk your talk"!

    Keep us updated! xo...deb

  26. I'm just a big chicken~ so I'm no help. :)

    They do speak TEXAN~ I'm sure of it!


  27. Thanks for commenting on my blog giveaway! So nice to meet you!

    Everything happens for a reason, Girl! You've attracted this opportunity into your life! Go for it!!!

    How's that for life advice from a perfect stranger off the internet? :)


  28. Congrats to you, go for it. Make it happen and take your fury friends and enbrace it with glory.

    Hoe very exciting.

  29. DO IT~
    I am right there w/ ya mama!
    Change is great, but man what a drag at the same time!
    We can do this together, you move, I'll have surgery.... We can jump together!

  30. If you have the opportunity to accept this job offer ..... take it and never look back. Life is about taking risks and growth. You can't move forward with out actually moving (so to speak.)

  31. I soooo hear you. A lot of the time I mouth off saying I'd love to move out of the burbs, out somewhere where's there's still big open spaces. Before I met and married my now hubbs, I used to work for a large healthcare organization. I was offered the opportunity to move to TEXAS (of all places, lol! ) and help set up an office and call center. Guess what?! I chickened out! I guess I'm a big old weenie too :0) Maybe I'm a bigger weenie because Texas is only a few states over, not across the ocean!

  32. Hey sweet pea!

    YOu should have stopped by....would have loved to see ya! I am planning on going to Round Top on Sunday &, I guess I will miss ya! Have fun though!


  33. Hi Susan,
    That would be really cool! Something new is always scary but I bet you would do great! Cindy

  34. Wow!
    Cant wait to see what happens here! Not sure what Id do either..

  35. I'd say go for it if I knew that it is what you really, really wanted! All the details will work out and think of all the excitement in your life.

  36. Com'on Susan, haven't you always wanted to live in London, all those shops and antiques! You would have a hay-day there, with your quest to paint everything!

    Your chance is just as good as anyone else's.....if you want it, then have faith! I'd go with you in a sec.....

  37. Hi! Thanks for coming over and visiting my blog!!

    I have to say that I think I could be just as happy visiting places...I wouldn't need to move. It is hard to leave family, friends and have to move your dog too. I don't know...of course if it is just for a few years.....

    Big decision, for sure...and not an overly easy one either!

    Good luck!

  38. GO GO GO. PURSUE IT WITH ALL YOU HAVE. My friends took their pets with them to London. I'm sure it's an international hassle to move them, but you're going to die one day and you'll be a much more interesting old lady if you go...

    Love your blog. I just discovered it! I love cottage too. Actually I love everything. I'm very confused.

  39. In London there is even a Texas restaurant (missionary friends go there for a "fix" occasionally!) Go for it - you don't want to be on your death bed thinking "wonder what my life would have been like if------" I understand about the pets and house - bet there is some fabulous housesitter person who'd take care of all in exchange for a great place to live. Better to have a few bruises than never dance at all! Thanks for coming by my blog - sweet of you to comment

  40.'s not like they don't have pets in London...Carson can come with you. And boy oh boy what an adventure! I lived in Utah my entire life...40 years in the same town! At the age of 40 I got remarried and moved away from my family and across the country to New England. It's been so weird getting used to a new place. But it has been so great seeing all the things the East Coast has to offer. I get to go into New York City whenever I feel like it, Boston, Cape Cod,'s a whole new life and one I would have hated to miss out on! So if the opportunity does arrive...JUMP ON IT!

  41. Oh You could EASILY do London for a short time......they do speak Texan there!!!
    Keep us posting and be brave and courageous....what a fun opportunity. They have animals over there, too!! :)


  42. Wow that's an exciting opportunity but I would probably react the same way you did! Just think about your priorities in life and then make a decision from there. You can't go wrong.
    PS Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

  43. Wow Susan...... what an opportunity facing you! It is easy for everyone to say "do it".... they are easy words, but this is not an easy decision...if it is offered to you. Wouldn't know what to tell you. I have made changes in my life, but always with someone else, not all alone, though I did come to Texas and lived here by myself for 2 months while my husband and son stayed back in CA to finish up things. As much as I love my family, it was a great 2 months for me to explore all alone. I know that moving from Michigan to CA and now to Texas.... I think it takes a solid 2-3 years to feel settled in all aspects. That has been my experience. I too would say "go for it" ... but look for the signs ... if things are moving along easily in that direction, it might be meant to be.

    I always wanted to live in an apt above a store front (like a bakery) in New York City....just to hear and watch all the action...and be able to walk witin short distances to buy fresh groceries at the butcher, baker and candlestick maker lol !! It's true!! good luck with your possible decision girl!


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