Monday, March 9, 2009

Blue Monday---Italian Style

Ciao and Happy Blue Monday! I'm giving this "Blue Monday" thing a whirl. Smiling Sal at is hosting this event. The first picture is of the Blue Train that runs between the five cities of Cinque of the most beautiful places on earth. Cinque Terra (Five Lands) is on the northwestern coast of's a picturesque community that is similiar to Portofino but still has a lot of the old world charm. Don't you wish YOU could sail around admiring the beautiful scenery in this sailboat? This was the view from my tiny 3rd floor, walk-up hotel room.

Here's a closer in shot that captures the boats that dock and brought in fresh seafood. This is also the region that invented PESTO,. They also invented a special pasta (???can't remember name) that should be served with the pesto. It's got all sorts of squiggles and wiggles/nooks and crannies in it to allow the pesto to cover the pasta completely. YUMMMM......

This is a typical fruit and vegetable market. Notice the passage way to the's their version of an picturesque, right?

Since this is a seaside community, the cats are smart and wait by the boats for the fishermen to bring in their catch.

I could have sat on this rock wall for days. Such a BEAUTIFUL view and the weather was gorgeous!! CIAO BELLA....hope you enjoyed Blue Monday...Italian Style!


  1. Hi Susan! Aren't you just the prettiest thing sitting in the sunshine on that rock!? We've been to Italy three times and would love to go back. I just loved it!
    Beautiful photos, my dear!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. I am always envious of European countries because of the availability of trains to take one everywhere. I wish Florida had a little of that!

    Tink *~*~*
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    Disney's Port Orleans French Quarter resort

  3. Susan - you lucky girl! What a wonderful place to visit. And gorgeous pictures!!

    Have a great day!


  4. I've been to Italy, but not this part. Isn't it beautiful? Thanks for sharing. Happy Blue Monday.

  5. I love the blue you've shared with us here, Susan! And to sit on a rock in that gorgeous place with that gorgeous view would be paradise. I love the blue train, the blue boat, the blue water, and that blue striped tarp! Just SO neat!

    Thanks for sharing. Definitely colorful! :-)

    Happy Blue Monday...



  6. I loved your Blue Monday...Italian Style

    Thanks for sharing and I see why it was your favorite vacation.

  7. That water is beautiful! Great pictures. Italy has always been on my list to visit.

  8. That was a llovely vacation I just took with you. It must have been a very memorable place to visit. Cute picture of you on the rock too.

    Kathy b

  9. Hi Susan,
    I'm jealous! Stunning photos and cute one of you too. I want to go, Cindy

  10. Hi Susan, I'm so glad you decided to join us for Blue Monday. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful! It must be just wonderful actually visiting a place like that.
    I have just fallen in love with your little Carson. He's so precious! Charli is a silver mini schnauzer. She and Carson would be the best of friends ♥

  11. I have never seen water to blue. Gorgeous!

  12. Running late this week visiting blogs....Hope you had a great Blue Monday! Gorgeous italian blues!!!

  13. I love italy.. it's beautiful..and refreshing! :-)
    And I love the seaside :-) (born and raised practically on top of it)
    Lovely blues!


  14. Beautiful darlin'! And ain't you the "belle of Italy' :) Hope all is going well and will catch up as soon as my computer gets fixed! :)


  15. What gorgeous photos, it felt like a mini-vacation looking at them and reading your descriptions. My cats are totally jealous of the Italian kitties and are pushing for an immediate relocation.

    Tabbikat's Thoughts

  16. Oh, how I would love to go there! Thanks for sharing.

  17. I can tell you that I am jealous! What a marvelous vacation. Your photos are stunning! ~ Robyn

  18. Bella, bella ... tour guide perfection.

  19. That is the bluest water I have ever seen.It is so beautiful.Great Blue Monday post.

  20. Oh these pictures are beautiful, and they are so charming. Your picture looks so romantic and pretty. laurie

  21. Hey Susan.. Great Blue Monday pics! I love the pic of the trains.

  22. How lovely! If I could pick one foreign area to visit, Italy would be at the top. Dh's family originated from Sicily.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, it's so nice to meet you☺ Can't wait to check out your blog a bit more!

  23. Good morning Susan :)

    What a beautiful vacation spot! I want to visit there too .... (sigh). One day :)


  24. Susan,

    These pictures are breathtaking. if i hadn't wanted to go to Italy before, you sure have sold me! (who wouldn't want to go to Italy??!!)

    Lucky fat cats!!

    Happy Blue Monday!



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