Thursday, March 26, 2009

Easter Bunny's Trail

I haven't decorated my home for different seasons nearly as much, now that I'm single. It seemed like a lot of effort and no one to enjoy it. But today after looking at all your cute Easter themed blogs that I thought to myself...If NO ONE BUT ME see my bunnies....that's enough! But now I'm inviting you to hop down my bunny trail...come on!!!!!

I got my boxes labelled "SPRING" down from the attic and begin reacquainting myself with some old "friends". I hung this cute "Hop On In" sign on my backdoor for all my Backdoor Friends to see (and you know what they say about Backdoor Friends...they are the BEST!) Sitting beside the sign is my stuffed bunny from, I dare say, from my Easter Basket at least 45 years ago. Does anyone have any good ideas on how to clean this sweet little rabbit safely?

I'm really not so sure this mantle will stay the same. The bunnies just don't look right with the dark paint and Venice artwork. MAYBE I'll find something to put in place of this picture and I will like the look more.
The crystal deviled-egg server was in my cabinet and thought it made a good center piece for the kitchen table.
I have a thing for EXTRA tall bunnies and ones with very long legs...hehe! Since my home has a lot of red, gold, olive green....I'm just not satisfied with the look of the pastel bunnies. This is the OTHER mantle I have (it's a two sided fireplace). Any tips on how to incorporate Spring into a house with these colors? Are there too many bunnies up there....should I take one of the group of bunnies down?
Here's a simple little raffia bunny and the metal lamp beside her is filled with yellow eggs to match the gold wall.
The fun thing about not decorating for a while, is that when I opened the boxes it was like Christmas. I'd forgotten some of the cute things I had. This little bunny is iron and very heavy. I like the way he's stretched out and relaxed.
I got this cute patriotic bunny at a craft show during Desert Storm. I think his red pants make him fit right in on my kitchen window sill.
This metal bunny opens up to accomodate a candle so that the light shines through all the holes. The other bunny is ceramic and has such a great look on his little face. There are a couple of eggs peaking through the greenery but it looks like I need to "tweak" the arrangement a bit so you can see them. Thanks goodness for photographs...they help us to see our "mistakes" so we can correct them, right?
This is a sweet ceramic bunny that was my mother's. She had admired it and my sister bought it for her to enjoy on one of her last Easter's with us. Thanks for HOPPING by! I enjoyed having you see my bunny trail!


  1. I love all of your bunnies. I think you have everything decorated so pretty. I recently painted the bath burgundy and tan and found a cute wooden bunny candle holder and bunny print for the bath. Now, I am on the search for everything bunny! I especially love the metal one you have all stretched out. How cute! I thoroughly enjoyed your tour today!

  2. I loved seeing all your bunnies, and you're right, it would be ashamed to not enjoy all the fun these little guys add to your Spring/Easter decor*! You were asking about cleaning your little bunny friend from years ago, and I was wondering if maybe the hand held feature of the steam cleaner do the job*? I figure if it cleans the upholstery (chairs and sofas) safely, maybe it would be ok on your little stuffed bunny*? Just a thought. _Ashley*

  3. Adorable! AND, you are so worth having these little cuties out!

  4. So glad you decorated for yourself!! Very cute!
    Have a great day.

  5. HOw lucky to have a 2 sided fireplace!! And what cheerful colors! I know what you mean about your home not coordinating with a seaon, I live in a pink and white house and have a heck of a time at Halloween! I just try to stick to neutral black and white and skip the oranges and pretty purples.

    Maybe you'd like just white bunnies instead of pastels? But really, the pastel ones are so cute and everyone knows that they are seasonal and not your regular decor, so go with what you like and enjoy the soft colors for Easter!

  6. I think all your little bunnies and Easter decorations are GREAT!!! Love your displays. I think the pastels work just fine because after all it is just a temporary decoration. Kind of like Christmas. I say keep them out and just enjoy them for right now.♥

  7. Hi Susan! Your bunnies are perfect. Really, it's the female in the household that enjoys the holiday decorations the most, I think. So deck your halls!

  8. I'm in deep like with the stretched out bunny... he looks so happy and relaxed.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  9. Hi Susan! I'm so glad I hopped on over here. Your decorations are adorable. Who gives a poop if they match your house? It's SPRING!!!!!!
    As for washing your beloved bunny, I'd probably tie him inside a pillow case (I know, it sounds torturous) and throw him in the machines.

    Justine :o )

  10. WoW it's bunny mania at your house-looks terrific! Thanks for sharing with us I enjoyed hopping by! Have a wonderful weekend~Smiles~Tam!

  11. I love this post... Great bunny treasures! I am still laughing at your Moto, If it doesn't move, paint it.. That is soo perfect!

  12. Your bunnies are soooo cute. I really luv your deviled egg dish center piece! I have not decorated one bit for spring. Does that make me a bad girl? LOL!!!

  13. Hi Susan :)

    Your bunnies are awfully cute. I think it's important to decorate even if we live alone. It makes me smile, so it's worth it ;)

    Hugs right back to you!

  14. You have a lot of cute bunnies! I love the ones on your mantle. So cute!


  15. You are making me what to get out all of my spring things too! I hate to put away some of my other things, but then they will look renewed next time I take them out. Your things are so cute! Carol

  16. You have cute bunnies as well! I have the same problem with my color palette. It just doesn't fit with the Easter pastels. I've thought about collecting more brown bunnies that would fit my decor.

    PS. I know lots of empty nesters that decorate for the holidays. One of my really good friends has never had kids and she goes ALL OUT...more than me. :-)

  17. Susan I love all your decorations! Hurray for you for getting them out, even if for yourself. The process of fluffing our interiors is such a personal process of creating art in our own homes. Thank you for sharing all your art with us and the great idea to use deviled egg dishes as a centerpiece, brilliant.

  18. great the legs hanging off the mantle.very fun.
    i REALLY need to get out my easter stuff!!!!!! you've just inspired me.

  19. I think your bunny decor looks so great! I love the way the pastels just pop against your black mantel. I especially love that "stretched out" bunny, and I love that you have the one from your childhood Easter basket. I'm sorry I don't know anything about cleaning him, but a bright bow around his neck might make him a happier guy. laurie


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