Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm Back to Blogging....FINALLY!

Hello friends....I'm so glad to be back to blogging. My computer had a virus and it's being "cleaned" up now. And I'm SO proud of myself...I figured out how to connect my laptop to my cable for Internet service. So THAT allowed me to finally download my camera so I could begin to blog again. Here is a little of what I've been up to........
My friend Vicki and I traveled to Mena, Arkansas on Mother's Day Weekend! It's about a 7 hour drive from Houston but we enjoyed the sites and each other's company and the drive flew by! Here's a peaceful, bucolic scene of pretty cows on a hillside, just as we are arriving in Arkansas.

One of our first adventures out was to the local Wal-Mart and just LOOK what kind of specialized ice cream they have. And people say TEXAN'S are proud of about those Arkansas Razorbacks!?!?!? They have special ice cream!

Downtown Mena is small but full of history and beautiful buildings. While cruising "antique store row" we spotted the old train depot. Parked by the depot was an OLD police car. Isn't it cool?

I've never seen so many cute houses in a few square miles than in Mena. If you've followed my blog for long you know I have an affinity for DOORS and WINDOWS! I thought this was was precious.
A few houses down was this beautiful home. I lOVE the wrap around porch and the round turret. As a little girl I dreamed of a house like this and the round room would be MY bedroom. If you look closely, you'll see the left window is boarded up. Mena had a REALLY bad tornado come through about a month and a half ago. The damage was devastating but the people of Mena had rallied and people are helping each other and they are rebuilding.

By the time my friend and I arrived, a lot of the debris had been picked up and removed from the street. Hundreds of huge, mature trees were lost and many homes flattened. The strong wind had stripped many of the trees to bare. I've grown up on the Gulf Coast all my life and am used to hurricane's but this just blew my mind. It was so RANDOM. Blocks would be destroyed and then one or two homes would be untouched.

Another view of the devastation.

On a brighter note, we stayed in the most beautiful Carriage House that had been relatively unscathed by the tornado. The main house and back yard had some damage but this little place stood strong. This is the bedroom in the upstairs of the house we stayed in.

This is the other end of the bedroom. A BIG plate glass window opened to a view of Mena.

Here's the cute little dining room!

And the cozy living room!
Here is a picture of the BIG house that was in front of our small, cozy carriage house. Isn't it beautiful!?


  1. Hey, Susan, welcome back!! I have heard of Mena, brother in laws grandparents were from the carriage house, and LOVE the photo of the cute door and window, too!


  2. Glad you're back! Looks like you had a great trip. Did you taste the Arkansas ice cream? It couldn't possibly be better than Blue Bell.

    Sorry to hear about your computer, I don't remember life without the internet and I hate feeling disconnected.

  3. I think this computer virus thing is running rampant among we bloggers! Good to know you are OK now ... I went through something similar.

    I love the South and your descriptions are wonderful ... photos too.

  4. Welcome back Susan. I love the little house with the cute door and window. I love to visit a new place and observe all the different architecture. What a lovely place you got to stay in also.

  5. Susan, so glad you are back. Computer problems are so frustrating! Glad you enjoyed your trip to Hog Country! Yep, we are a little Razorback crazy! Great photos you posted. laurie

  6. Hey girlfriend!

    Welcome back to blogland! Thanks for stoppin' by the yaya and leaving your sweet comments!

    Good to see all is gettin' back to "normal"?? :)

    Have a great week! xo...deb

  7. Hello Susan,
    Thank you for stopping by....I'm back! It's been sooo long since I have blog. It's been since March 7th Missed ya'll so much... My computer is only 7 months old...I had warranty on the computer and they had to replace the faulty mainboard. I was told that it the main part of the computer. I'm so happy I got it back...glad you are back too! Love all the pictures of the beautiful home...sound like ya'll had a great time. So sad about the tornadoe victim losing their home. That is so amazing that the two home was untouch. It's amazing! My prayers go out to the people. Where is Mena close by. I just go back from Arkansas(Hot Springs)in April...Had a great time with my friends. Will tell all about it soon and pictures to show. You have a wonderful week...Thanks again for stopping by... Smiles and Hugs Katherinellen

  8. Wanted to come by and say Welcome! Looks like you just got home from a trip too. Did you say, it's good to be home? lol Don't be a stranger!

  9. Welcome back. I wondered where you went. I enjoyed seeing all your pictures of your trip to Arkansas. Love those houses there.
    I laughed when I saw the icecream.
    The old police car was pretty neat looking.

  10. What a fun trip that looks to be. I love long road trips and will be taking one myself next month. I cannot wait!
    What a cute carriage house!

  11. I love homes with character too! What great homes to share with us! Tornados are cruel! So glad people still help one another out.


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