Saturday, May 30, 2009

Trip To Huntsville, TX

Several months ago I reconnected with a long time family friend Melissa via FACEBOOK. I JUST LOVE FACEBOOK! Soon we were visiting the brief distance from Houston to Huntsville, TX (about 50 miles) and catching up as though the 25 years we missed out on didn't exist.

Melissa is a true entrepreneur and is just so fun. Her bubbly enthusiasm for life is contagious. She has a beautiful old home she painstakingly renovated and I was lucky enough to visit overnight. Among Melissa's many activities are holding a City Council Seat, landlord to multiple properties in a college community, caterer, a family/relationship counselor practice, travel the globe..AND she has a big heart for the furry critters (SPCA).
I was invited to come to her SPCA fund raiser and we had a ball ! Great food, silent auction, wine tasting and karaoke. Those small town folk really know how to throw a great party! It was supposed to last from 7-9 p.m., but the real party-er's stayed until 2:00 a.m. and it was the HIT fundraiser of the year! Above is the pretty bedroom I had the pleasure of staying in.
Aren't the pink, green, and black colors used just perfectly in this cozy little reading corner?

Here's a little corner decorated just so perfectly !

The bathroom was just a gorgeous. For an old house this was the largest bathroom EVER! The pretty white and black tile set the tone and the green and rose theme was carried throughout.

A built in niche is a great place to host all sorts of pretties! And did I mention Melissa major in Home Economics in College and can sew ANY kind of curtain, pillow, etc that you could dream up!?!? Don't the striped curtains with the fringe balls look sweet?

Check out the VERY COOL tile floor in this view of the bath.

And since we were raising money for animals I couldn't help but include these pictures of baby horses and their family. As you may know, Huntsville, TX has several prisons in and around the city. Many of them raise agriculture to feed the prisoners and as a source of income. One prison raises horses and I always love to drive by. It's such a pretty, picturesque scene.

This is the resident cat....wet from a morning rain and overlooking the back yard where the previous evenings SPCA soiree was held. I think she's still tired from staying up until the wee hours of the night...what do you think?

And finally, this is my beautiful, sweet, entertaining and lifelong friend, Melissa. The rest of her house is JUST as gorgeous and meticulously decorated as the sweet guest bedroom I stayed in. Hopefully, I visit again soon and can give you a tour of the rest of the house!


  1. What a blessing to find someone from all those years ago and be able to connect like no time at all had passed. Melissa certainly is talented. I love the colors in the guest room and bath. Knowing your passion for older homes and architectural details, I bet you took in every detail. Sounds like you had a great time and I hope to see more of Melissa's lovely and unique home!

  2. Looks like a perfect way to reconnect to me. Her home is really pretty! We love Huntsville! My husband thinks that if we ever get to move back to Texas he'd like to head there. I'm glad you found your old friend.

  3. Love it...especially that bathroom. I am glad you are back, missed ya.


  4. Hi Susan,
    I've been wondering what you are up to! Melissa is REALLY busy. Her home is beautiful!

  5. So cute...I love the bathroom

  6. Oh how fun to get together with an old friend, and to get to go to a wonderful fund raising event! Her home is so pretty. That bathroom is incredible! Thanks for sharing it. laurie

  7. Thanks for sharing the delights of your trip!

  8. Your friend Melissa is such a pretty lady. It sounds like she has so much going for her. I know you two really enjoyed reconnecting.

    In the meantime, I enjoyed seeing parts of her house! Love the room you stayed in and oh how I love that little corner chair! the colors are so soothing and so pretty.

    Great post, Susan! ;)

  9. Your friends house is so beautiful..

  10. Hi Susan :)

    I wondered what happened to you! Glad you're posting again :)

    What a darling house she has!! I love that bathroom, especially!!

    Can't wait to see more... hint hint ;)


  11. I love Facebook too for the same reason! Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hello! I'll be sure to stop back and catch up on yours later today!

  12. Thanks so much for your visit. Your party sounded such fun!

  13. Hi Susan,

    Thanks for dropping by The Bunny Bungalow and leaving such a thoughtful comment. Yes, my bungalow is in the Heights.

    Glad to meet another blogger from Houston!

  14. Love the fact that the fund raiser benefits animals. Love animals. Isn't facebook fun? I haven't had any re-connections face to face, but have had lots on facebook. Love your blog and thanks for visiting mine.

  15. What a cool road trip for you, and how cool it was to get to visit an old friend. That's what life is all about*! ((hugs)) _Ashley ~

  16. What a beautiful home and a beautiful friend! I bet you felt like a princess staying there!

    Thank you for stopping by, too!



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