Sunday, September 20, 2009

Do Fences Make Good Neighbors?

While driving home from work on Friday afternoon I took the scenic route, which is always much preferred to the freeway. I don't care if it takes twice as long....I love the view. I take a different side street and discover the coolest houses. On this particular day I was drawn to the different types of fences. Here's what I found..........and whoops, I still haven't fixed the "date" on my camera...this is NOT February 2009....It's September 2009. And please note for my northern blogging friends.....NO FALLING LEAVES OR COLOR YET! :(.....after all, it's the south! :) The big blue Victorian caught my attention with it's intricate picket fence.
How about this cute bungalow with the inviting gate. Just make you want to walk through it and "go visiting".
Another cute house surrounded by a picket fence. I was going to crop the photo to delete the street gutter but noticed the mosaic street name and block on the curb! LOVE IT! Wouldn't it be cool if someone named Beverly lived on Beverly street??? I BET there's at least one!
This house is on a corner and used and unusual horizontal fence to give themselves more privacy.
I bet behind that fence is a VERY nice yard. :) Don't you think so!?!?
I likes this looks like a good gardener lives there. The colors of the house intrigued me my NEXT post is going to be colorful houses. And boy....I found a LOT of them. Can't wait to show you.
And here's a great idea if you have a lot of those pretty, stain glass windows. These cleaver homeowners inserted a bunch of the windows into their 7 foot fence.
Here is their drive way....they used both wooden and metal fence. They did a great job of mixing the two materials.
As I headed down the street, the towering oaks bend to meet in the middle. I LOVE that you?!?!?!? It's just so welcoming and a much better way to meander home from work than a crowded, exhaust filled freeway, agreed? Thanks for hanging with me in my hood.....I hope you find it was beautiful as I do. Happy Fall Ya'll!


  1. Totally love fences that allow you to peek in and see the yard and landscape beyond.... privacy fences do not appeal to me!

    I love the overlapping trees!

  2. You got some great pictures. I love to go different roads and different directions too. You really do see things in a different perspective.

  3. I love all that architecture stuff: fences, balconies, iron work, different colored houses. One of the reason I love the South. Unless You live in a Historic area back east you almost never see all that stuff but in the South it will pop up almost any where and every where. Keep those pictures coming.

  4. Oh I just love that green house! Beautiful pictures, you've inspired me to go out and take some shots of the homes in Old Town. Now that it's not so hot that my flip flops stick to the tarmac! Have a great week. Kathy

  5. I can't wait until the leaves start changing, it is so beautiful. Those are some great houses you showed us. I am such a house stalker, it's pitiful!!


  6. Hi Susan,
    What a great little tour you took us on. I am such a house fan, love seeing all the different styles! Cindy

  7. I love that part of town.....good photos! We should do a home tour together sometime!!! Thanks for sharing!


  8. I sometimes change my route home to look at something different too! I love the last house-the green one!

  9. Wow, great pictures. I have enjoyed the little tour!


  10. Those fences are great! I love architecture, so I think the right fence can be very beautiful. Thanks for the tour!


  11. I would not care if it took twice as long either. What a pretty drive. P.S. I am wearing a orange shirt...thanks for stopping by.

  12. Oh, love that garage door on the second to last house...looks like an old barn. I think it's relaxing to drive through different neighborhoods and look at the houses on the way home. There are so many wonderful and interesting houses you would miss otherwise.

  13. That is my comment above. Sorry, my son logged onto his gmail account while I wasn't looking. :-)

  14. All of those houses along with their fences are so pretty! I always love to drive in different areas and see the decor. Great tour!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  15. Love those houses and their unique fences!

    Thanks for paying me a visit, your blog is fantastic and I'll be back to say "hello" again soon :-)

  16. You got it backwards S, this is his house and I am the nice one...hahaha

  17. HI, Susan, thank you for stopping by to visit. Love your cottages too. Please come back often.


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