Sunday, September 27, 2009

This House ROCKS!

I took another "Sunday Drive and found another cute neighborhood close to my house. In this neighborhood the homes are not nearly as old as in my neighborhood but they are equally charming. Most of these homes were built in the 70-80's but I think this particular one is a new build---or a total re-do. I "heart" their landscaping....and those big urn-like fountains are really big around here these days.
I like the grasses and dry creek bed they created in their front yard.....interesting!

Here's a closer look at the front porch. Doesn't that slate look pretty with the rough rock exterior and the rough cut poles?

Imagine my surprise when I looked on line and found out this house was for sale. Since it was listed online I got these wonderful pictures of the interior. This must be a neighborhood where they aren't allowed to put For Sale Signs up, so I didn't have a clue that my newest dream house was for sale. (stick around you'll see I LOVE to look at houses that are for sale, although I LOVE my house and am in not way looking to move...LOL! Just snoopy, I guess!!?!?

Here's a picture of their lovely dining room. Notice the pretty floor and faux wall treatment.
The half bath off the foyer is beautiful. How do you like that beautiful basin and pretty sconces?
Step into the long, galley kitchen. That big stove would be put to good use if I lived here.
This sunny breakfast nook and bar area would be a good gathering place for family and friends.

Here's a view into the kitchen from the opposite view. Nice and bright, right?

I like the flow of this house. Here's the den/family room....but it's near the kitchen and opens to the back patio.
I think the color choice of the rooms is soothing and I like the mix of the dark and light.
The master bath is a galley style as well. Aren't the colors delicious!?
Now THAT'S a Texas sized tub!
And a BIG back yard, which to me is just screaming....PUT IN A POOL! :)
And a big covered porch to keep the Texas sun off when it gets TOO unbearably hot. Or when a rain shower blows through. Alas....I love this house and was thrilled that I could take a peek via the Internet but when I saw the price....I knew I just needed to stay put in my little casa and just DREAM BIG!


  1. Oh do I love that kitchen with the BIG stove! Such fun to see those photos...good work finding them ;-)

  2. Wow, that is spectacular, girl...I'd love to dry by that one someday! You'll have to share your secrets with me sometime! ;)


  3. What a beauty! I love the kitchen and breakfast area.

  4. I love that patio and yard, a pool would be the perfect addition. And the kitchen and master bath are just gorgeous! Beautiful home. Kathy

  5. WHOA...absolutely gorgeous! That home is lovely inside and out. And I especially love the exterior... it has such character!


  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog.The outside of that house is beautiful.

  7. Love the outside of the house and the dark cabinets in the kitchen. I love to be snoopy and look at houses that are for sale too! So much fun.

  8. Hi Susan!

    What a great house. So pretty. I am addicted to real estate. I love going online and looking at home tours. It's so fun. And you can find some good decorating tips too!

    Sorry I have been meaning to get back to you about the paint color in my living room. You asked about it a while ago. I lent the paint to my best friend so I had to ask her what it is called. The brand is Home Depot's new eco/green line and the color is treasured jade. I just love the color. It's so peaceful and pretty. Sorry again that it took so long to get back to you!


  9. Dang! What a gorgeous house, with more room inside then it looked! Thanks for being "snoopy"!!! Glad I didn't miss out on this one.


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