Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Candy Colored Houses

As you can tell by my Blog Name....I LIKE color! And it looks like a lot of people in my neighborhood do too. This white house throws in color with window trip and a bright front door. There also a stained glass insert above the windows for another pop of color. This is big house a new-build made to look old and I think they did a good job of keep in character with the rest of the neighborhood.

Lot's of these "shot-gun" type houses are cropping up. They can put 2 or 3 of them on the big lots.

Now here's one with some COLOR, don't you agree?!?!
This peach house with the wrap around porch is a favorite style of mine.

This is a very typical home found in The Heights. Love the cheery yellow and can you imagine how many times that screen door has slammed with people coming in and out. Remember...I LOVE doors!

Here's another pretty yellow one with a wrap around porch and a lovely metal roof! You can also tell there are beautiful big trees in this neighborhood. Hurricane Ike didn't get most of them....YEAH!!!

And this rust colored home isn't exactly "candy colored" but I thought it was interesting...and no doubt colorful.
This bright pink house sort of matches the crepe myrtle in the front (see it blooming!?!?)

This duplex reminded me of fall with the soft yellows and pumpkin color doors.

And here's another new build in pale orange. It's a pretty house but I'm not so sure about the two small porches on the left! They just seemed to undersized to me.

And here's a favorite of mine. So the way they painted the porch, and the contrasting paint.
This soothing grey-green house is pretty too, don't you think?!?!

And another green one, with scales and stained glass.

And just one more......dark green with terra cotta accents. Isn't the porch railing divine?

Well, there ya go....another winding drive home from work....and more houses discovered. Thanks for joining me for the tour.


  1. Love Cool Color Painted homes. Like the old Victorians and Cottages that were painted Blues, Greens, Yellows, Pinks and Reds. So different from the Pale yellows, beiges, and browns most everyone uses. I always wanna get a house in an area like the Bywater or Marigny or something like that and paint it cobalt blue with red, green and white accents. My mom's house in Washington was Mallard blue with white trim which was so pretty. Now She has a brick home but her front Door is BRIGHT red. LOVE IT! She is ordering a new one though: Cherry Wood looking with a big glass oval in it with a Texas Star and some frosted pieces in it and a new storm door that is completely glass but for a curved bit of iron caning that will highlight the Oval/Texas Star window.

  2. So pretty! I have always thought it would be fun to live in a colorful house. I guess I just want to be different. I love those victorian homes.


  3. I think the Rust colored one is pretty, very FALL like!

  4. great houses...lots of the pink house

  5. Love the peach one the best! Love the Heights area....good to hear from you again. Hope you are making it to the Yaya party????


  6. Hi Susan,
    The candy colored houses are some real eye candy! Thanks for sharing. I love driving around older neighborhoods.

  7. Hi Susan, thanks for the visit..I love all the homes on your blog, it's interesting to see other parts of the country and such cute homes!
    Come say hi anytime :D

  8. Hi Susan! Oh, I too love these colorful homes! The cottagey look is such a homey home. Please, let's pray for some cooler weather! I did hear we're supposed to get some this weekend.
    Thanks for popping in to see me. I always appreciate your visits.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  9. Hey Susan, so nice of you to stop by GrannyMountain and add me to your list to "follow." I loved the tour of the homes on today's blog! That's very unique having new neighborhoods with the old style homes, not something you see here in NW Arkansas. Too bad, because the character in these homes is what makes them so special. Come visit often!
    joy c.

  10. Susan, What pretty houses, I love all the colors. Colors to me make the neighbor come alive.

  11. Hi Susan thanks for the visit :)
    I love these homes!! Many of them have such charm Makes you want to move right on in :)

  12. What a neat group of houses. I want to move into each and every one of them. What a neat and colorful post!

  13. I love seeing colorful houses. Makes me wonder what the inside is like!
    This was an entertaining post!


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