Sunday, October 11, 2009

Visit to Carmine, TX

On my way to Georgetown, TX last weekend for a fun getaway, I drove thru the cute little town of Carmine. Carmine is VERY close to Round Top and Warrenton where all the recent antiquing fun was happening. I was on a tight schedule but when I cruised thru Carmine...what I saw was a "sign" from above that I HAD to stop!

I love old signs, and even though these were not in my budget....I just had to stop. Below are some of the cute things I discovered!
Isn't this store front with the baby pumpkins just the cutest thing!?!? The store wasn't opened yet but looked very promising!
The store is called Texas Trash and Treasures! Carmine's only about an hour and 1/2 from my house, so I need to pop up again sometime soon and check this store out! Double click on the picture to see the street's a very German Community! You can get awesome sausages and kolaches in this area. mmmmm...mmmmm...mmmmmm!
Next, we stumbled upon a precious store named Emily & Co. The store is behind the homeowners beautiful home pictured below. They even have a little Lawn Jockey (see him in the bottom right?)
This is the back yard of the big white house and side yard to Emily & Co. And since I LOVE Coca-Cola signs...I was particularly drawn to this part of the yard.
It seemed that everywhere I turned, something had been turned into a cute planter. Here's a old washer turned planter!
The lettering on this window was just stenciled on with gold paint, but it gave it such a special look, don't you think?
But WAIT...there was something I REALLY wanted but heeded to my budget and didn't get! I HEART that Coca-Cola was in great shape and a really good price, but I was behaving....wahhhh....being good is BORING! I STILL am wishing I had that cooler!

And here's a beautiful door......if you've read my blog for long you'll know I LOVE doors, windows and Coca-Cola.....I hit the jackpot on this adventure in Carmine! But again....all looking and no buying!
Another clever idea for an old wash tub.....fill it with bright sunflowers and hang a cute Halloween sign on the front! BOO!
And to finish off the Carmine tour, I wish I could tell you we drove away in the Red Truck....but sadly we didn't. I could just imagine tooling around the country road in this prize possession and traveling in style! And you KNOW....I would fill up the truck bed with all SORTS of fun treasures. :) Thanks for coming by.........and visiting Carmine with me! It was fun to hang out with you.


  1. oh what fun...don't you love seeing other peoples the coke box...

  2. What a fun little side trip! I've never heard of Carmine, will have to check it out. Hope you had fun in Georgetown, next time you need to come up drop me a line and I'll take you to lunch! Kathy

  3. Hi Susan,
    Carmine looks like a great place for cool stuff that I don't really need! Isn't hard to be good?

  4. I love places like this!! Not much of a shopper, but I am a sucker for a cute town......I have never heard of Carmine, but it's not far from Houston so I may have to go sneak a peek!

  5. Carmine is such a great town! Have even considered moving there. Thanks for the tour!

  6. Looks like a great day! I love the words of wisdom that you left at my place.

  7. You had me at kolache.

    We drive through here all the time. I will have to stop next time.

  8. How fun! What a great trip. I loved seeing all of your pictures. And that truck was awesome!


  9. Emily & Co. is my momma's shop! I LOVED seeing her shop and house on your blog!!! So glad you liked it and hope you come back often!!!

  10. I love that truck too! only LOOKED? Wow! I wouldn't have had that much self control!


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