Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Halloween Crafting Day

I am lucky enough to work with some really cool and crafty friends. Many years ago we first got together to make a Christmas Craft and have gotten together ever since. It had been a year or so since we'd had a craft day, so my wonderful co-worker, Jennifer got it started again. First she fed us some delicious taco soup and we oh'ed and ah'd over her cute decorations and beautiful pumpkin cake she made.
Check out this precious cake she baked and decorated for us. Even the little pumpkins have cute, curly stems. She hasn't been at this long but she definitely has talent!

And I must was DELICIOUS, as well as beautiful! It was Orange Dreamsicle flavored....mmmmm....mmmmm....mmmm,
Check out her cleaver mantle decorating. Click on to enlarge and look at her framed Halloween-esque pictures.
Jennifer's mom, Fredna, (seated) also a co-worker and is quite talented as well. She's a great seamstress and whips up the prettiest pillows, draperies, etc. She's "da bomb!" Here's she's sewing up one of the "cones" some of the group made.
Just another touch of Jennifer's decorating talent. She's filled her vases with the most interesting things! And check out the tassels she has hanging from the furniture. Aren't they cute?
At the cutting board.....crafty friend, Denise, Fredna and Michelle. Good friends have a great time together. :)
Denise and I made a candy corn door hanger craft...but we each put out special touches on them. Isn't it funny how we can all use the same pattern and everything turns out completely different....we ALL put different spins on our crafts.
And here's the whole crafting gang with our goodies to take home!
And Kathy decided it was a tassel kind of day for her. She is so good at them and so creative, we were inspired to make tassels at our next craft day in November....we will be doing Christmas tassels.
These are the finished product..........a finial, some spray paint, ribbons, glue gun and a hanger! Cool, huh?


  1. Wow, Susan, that sure looks like fun! Ya'll's Candy Corn cones are so cute. The tassels are neat! I may have to try my hand at one of those some time!

  2. I love craft days. I used to have them with my daughters but now that they have small children it's getting harder to do. I want to make som tassels too. Hers were so cute. Thanks for stopping by today. Mimi

  3. How much fun! I love craft days! And those crafts are very cute!

    Not sure why I'm not getting your posts to my reader, I was pretty sure I was on your following list, just checked and yep I am!........

  4. What a wonderful Craft Party. I am so longing for that type of "girl fun" - not to mention having someone mentor crafting efforts.
    Your creation is beautiful.
    I also enjoyed your vintage home post from the Heights. I am so glad that area has been revitalized.
    Before moving to a Houston suburb as a child, my family lived in an old home (now torn down) on Gibson Street. I think my adult life is an effort to recreate the feel and scents of the barkcloth, wood floors, and color combinations of that neighborhood.
    Thank you for the sweet comment left at my blog during your visit.

  5. Susan, this just looks like so much fun, and how inspiring to get together to create. Those tassels are so great, and the candy corn cones will look so cute on your doors. laurie

  6. Those tassels are amazing! I want to make one! What a fun afternoon. I love the whole idea! You are so lucky to have such fun friends!!!

    I can't wait to see the Christmas tassels!


  7. Susan, please come to my blog for a gift.


  8. Sounds like so much fun. I haven't visited for a while. School is soooooo busy and lots of volleyball games and then, lots of crafting and painting for the school play coming up. Hope you are enjoying fall!

  9. I am SEW jealous of your crafting group! Looks like it was a really fun time & those cones turned out awesome. Great job! :D

  10. Hi Susan :)

    It looks like so much fun!! That cake actually made me drool LOL


  11. Oh my gosh.....y'all are all soooo talented. I'm jealous!

  12. That is one THICK cake! Wow!
    I envy your crafting skills!


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