Thursday, January 14, 2010

Colorful Place to Visit

One of my newest blogging friend, Maya at "Completely Coastal" has opened my eyes to a very colorful and hip hotel in the Bahamas. I believe I really need to go and check this place out. It's PERFECT for my colorful life. Can't you just picture us strolling or biking down these colorful paths!?Or lounging on the deck, overlooking the beautiful beach? Perhaps sipping on a colorful, fruity drink? Or, maybe reading a colorful, juicy novel?
Or, hanging out at the bar listening to colorful stories, told by colorful new friends?
Or, sitting under colorful umbrellas after a dip in the pool would be nice and refreshing............
Or, peeking into more colorful bungalows........
This big, colorful bungalow would fit the bill if you brought the whole COLORFUL gang!
So here I am dreaming of sitting by the beautiful turquoise water and pondering WHEN I'll be able to go on this COLORFUL VACATION!


  1. That is really beautiful, just what I need today! thanks for the pics! Cindy

  2. oh the beautiful colors...been so drab and dreary here the last few days...

  3. Oh, Susan, the pictures you found are awesome! There is just something so lighthearted and uplifting about "Caribbean" colors..., and the life style. Although I do have to keep in mind that I once spend a winter on Paradise Island in the Bahamas, and was ready to go back home after four months to clouds and cold!

    Thanks so much for the link!!!

  4. Beautiful colors! The ocean's color is the best of all.

  5. I'm dreaming along with ya. Boy I could use a vacation!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Wow, those colors really liven things up! That water looks soooo warm and inviting.

  7. I think a few houses colored like that would be just what my neighborhood needs.

    Now I just need to convince a few people.

  8. I read Maya's blog, but I missed this one. I'm there with ya! Love the colors. It just screams fun -- no serious stuff here. Just margaritas and sea breezes. -s

  9. ok, i wanna go there. gorgeous.


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