Sunday, March 21, 2010

Welcome Friends---Clean Or Dirty!!!

Happy Spring Ya'll!!!!!

Happy Spring to all my blogging friends! I finally got a new camera yesterday...a Kodak Easy Share. I'm just so happy to have a camera again. I kept thinking of projects I wanted to do, but without a before and after picture I kept putting them on the back burner.
And here's a photo of one of my favorite subject....CARSON!!!

Yesterday turned out cold and rainy and by the afternoon Carson was ready for a run around the yard. He and his buddy next door had so much fun, but OMG.....look at the little stinker. He's ALL boy and LOVES to get dirty.'s the BEFORE picture.......

And here's the AFTER picture. All bathed and dried and playing happily with his bone and "doll". Do you think he looks happier when he is clean or dirty? LOL!!!!!


  1. Boys are like that...they like to get dirty. :)

  2. Awww, he's such a cutie, you're a nicer mom than me, I'd never let Boo out if it was muddy outside!! ;-)

  3. looks like my Jake...he gets so dirty...Nolan doesn't like to get dirty he tries to avoid it...

  4. My girls like to get dirty too! I love Carson's coat color. Is he a schnauzer? He is beautiful.

  5. I think he's totally happy being dirty...perhaps he doesn't know whether he is or're the only one who cares!
    Happy Monday!

  6. I think you will like the Kodak Easy Share. Mine is ancient (in camera years), all taped up, and still taking photos. Glad to see you back in action and taking photos again!

  7. I think he is just happy either way! You're a good doggie mama to let him play and get dirty! Have a great week ;-)

  8. HI Susan
    Carson is a cutie... he has that 'I've just done something very naughty look'.. haha Yes I think he looks quite happy after raking in the mud...

    Thanks for popping over my way.. Sadly autumn is on the way here... but nice seeing spring all over blogland ..Julie

  9. Carson is a cutie..thanks for visiting me today.

    Yep...every time I think I am going to have a garage sale...I decide to post a few items on Craigs list...sometimes it takes about a week to sale but usually I can make some quick cash in a few days.

    I was a bit worried at first too, but a lot more people come to your home via garage sales. I always make sure someone is here with me...or if the item is small you can meet them(with someone) at a mutual place. CASH only transactions. There are some scams out there.

    There are some great bargains to be had too:)

  10. I think he had fun, and isn't that what it's all about!

  11. Much better clean! But I'm sure he's looking forward to the next puddle splashing day!

  12. Carson IS very photogenic! I think he's cute clean or dirty! Least he doesn't go roll in cowpatties like my Addie does. lol


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