Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm a Camera Killer!

I got a new Sanyo E1090 camera a few months ago after my Canon Elph died. I wasn't super thrilled with my Sanyo but the price was right and it was small and fairly simple to use.

Now my new Sanyo is giving me a "Lens Error" message and won't work at all! Many of you have such beautiful photos on your blogs....would you mind sharing with me what kind of camera you use. Remember, I'm a single girl so I don't have a big camera budget. However, I MUST get a new camera because I keep looking at things and itching to blog....it's driving me crazy. And I'm sure you all are just going bonkers because I haven't posted much lately...LOL! Anyway, if you would comment and tell me about your camera and maybe price range, that would be awesome. Thank you my wonderful blogging friends!

I'm going BONKERS without a camera. Do you think I'm a CAMERA KILLER!?!?!? I'm beginning to think so. :(


  1. oh I would be in serious trouble if I didn't have my camera..it goes every where with me...

  2. Oh, I can't stand not having a camera. I had an Olympus Camedia for a long time. (Actually still have it and use if when I don't want to drag my BIG camera somewhere. I also keep it in my school bag) Now I also have an Olympus E510. It is a bit more complicate and I'm sure pricey. My sweety bought it for me. Good Luck finding the right fit!

  3. Well, I was wondering where you've been! Been missing you. Until New Year's, I used my husband's Canon digital, but we went to Best Buy and got a Nikon D3000 on sale for around $450. I love it. It has tutorials, which I have learned so much just looking at them. The package came with two lens, 55 and 300. I have a friend who got a good Canon on ebay for $200.

  4. Glad you're back! Been wondering where you are!
    I'm a simpleton when it comes to cameras...I need one with a viewfinder and everything semi- automatic...my husband helps me with a few things now and then.
    I love my Kodak Easy Share Z71215 that I picked up at WalMart.

  5. I'm sorry to read of your camera troubles. I'm no help as I only have a simple Kodak digital that I just throw in my purse and can have on the ready.

    Dh is looking at a dslr Pentax for us, I don't know which model. That way we can use the lenses dh already has.

    Hope you find the perfect camera!

  6. I have an old kodak easy share that keeps on going. The other day I taped the battery door shut with duct tape. Nice blog. First time visitor here. I have become a follower. Rory

  7. Hi Susan, I wanted you to know that I have added your cute blog to my sidebar today so that others may see it. Have a great day.

  8. Susan..
    have been using Kodak EasyShares up until the last one finally just wore out from extreme over use..I do have one(V803) in my purse which is only out when charging.It does go everywhere because of it's lightness.
    I also was the lucky recipient 3 years ago of a Nikon D40 which has been an excellent choice.. fits well in my hands(I have arthritis) is pretty lightweight.
    would love to get a Pentax to use my other lenses from the SLR.
    I think the biggest and most important aspect is the type of battery..mine both have Lithium Ion batteries.. which equate to enough power for plenty of shoots between charges.
    Also,I do not store anything to internal camera memory, instead I have several memory cards, which as soon as possible,immediately are downloaded to my computer for editing.
    (Picasa is my personal choice as it meets all my needs as well as being FREE.) and finally, yes, I did purchase the extended warranty service agreement.so far have had the camera in twice, once for a defect in the lens (PLASTIC..UGH!) and another simply out of adjustment..
    both times, camera totally cleaned, repaired and reset to original settings.It will also provide a new battery which is worth the cost!
    Hope this will help/assist anyone who is in a dilema regarding a camera purchase.
    eventually I will upgrade, but currently, my Nikon and Kodak are both doing super jobs!!
    warmest hugs, laughing smiles..
    ps.. to view other photos of mine please Visit Weather Underground at this address:


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