Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Garden Shopping in South Texas

This weekend a couple of friends and I headed south of Houston to the Seadrift/Victoria/Goliad area. We were in need of some good healthy plants and heard that Devereux Gardens was the place to go. The Garden's are part of the Devereux Foundation that provides services to children, adults, and families with special needs stemming from behavioral, psychological, intellectual or neurological impairments. After seeing the beautiful plants they grow, it seems the program is working and benefiting all.
These beautiful trees and pretty wildflowers surround the garden/nursery.

Pretty flats of annuals, herbs, roses, perennials, etc. were all over the place.

I had three other "gardeners" with me and we quickly filled up two carts of goodies. Thank GOODNESS we thought ahead and took two cars. By the time the day was over and we'd made a few more stops, both cars were filled to the gills.
Devereaux thrives because they can "make" more plants from cuttings and seeds. The workers do all the planting, re-potting and trimming in this shady covered area. It's April in South Texas and the hot sun can beat down and temps can reach 90 degrees by mid-day. We all had "red necks" and "farmers tans" by the time we finished shopping. But we got great healthy plants and it was a fun outing.....NOW I need to get out in the yard and plant all my goodies.


  1. I'm keeping a list of places in Texas to shop for plants when I'm in the area, I'll add Devereux! Now show us what all you went home with...

  2. looks like you had a great day...cant wait to see everything planted...gotta love those red necks in Texas...LOL

  3. Looks like an awesome day! I love the cupcake truck:) Thanks for stopping by.

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