Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Artistic Cars and Dancing Bears

In honor of this weekend's famous Houston Art Car Parade, I had a little parade viewing of my own. Check out these cars I found.......... This plain Jane Station Wagon was fancied up with yellow reflectors.

I'm not sure if this is a Rastafarian Dude or Madonna or WHO, but it's very artistic, don't you agree?
Even though these bears aren't cars...they are cute. Every different season the homeowners decorate their dancing bears. Check out the cute bunny ears, baskets and eggs! They always look SO cheerful....I guess it's the dancing. My neighborhood has also jumped on the "Cup Cake Bandwagon". When this trailer is not parked in a vacant lot along Shepherd Drive selling cupcakes to the masses, it travels to nearby festivals dispensing delicious treats. The cupcakes are decadent and an affordable splurge.

This little trailer caught my eye while driving you think it's made for a Munchkin? It's so short and squatty....but really cool!
And THIS funny Hippopotamus car I found in front of the Dancing Bear house. I wanted to knock on the door and ask what the story was and why they decorated their car this way. I didn't have the nerve, so we'll all just have to wonder.

And here's the back view....notice the license plate says "Potami"! And see the baby hippo on the top snoozing? Maybe this person just LOVES Hippos.....who knows?

And one more cute little ride..........I would really love to tool around the neighborhood in this baby blue cream puff! The only thing that would make it better would be if it were a convertible.


  1. Those folks with the hippo car and dancing bears must be really free spirits! What are the bears made out of, are they topiary?

  2. There is a house in Victoria with dancing bear topiaries, but I haven't seen any hippo cars!

  3. Susan, that may be a teardrop trailer. They look kind of like that. So cute! I love your neighborhood. Do you live in the Montrose area?


  4. What fun post, Susan. Wishing you a happy day! xx

  5. Wow, I want to live wherever you live if all you had to do was drive around to find such cool stuff!

    Kat :)

  6. Love the hippo car!! too cool!

  7. I love seeing the art cars around town and so does my daughter. One of the perks of living in this great city!
    Enjoy the holiday weekend and thanks for visiting me today.

  8. These are funny. Can you imagine if some of these were your neighbors? LOL. There was a guy that used to drive around town with a stuffed rooster on his hood. One thing's for sure, it would be easy to find it in the parking lot!

  9. Look at that Hippo car!!!! How cute and Unique is that!!!!

  10. Very interesting cars. Those dancing bears are cool--are they topiaries?

  11. Loved the last cream puff, ... and have always wanted a vintage "canned ham"-- the cupcake wagon! It would be so much fun to fix up an old camper like that.

    Susan, your life truly is colorful!!!
    I agree with saskia.... a very fun post!!!
    Hope you had a great weekend!

  12. Hey girlfriend!
    Love all those cars, but have to love the bears (only in your neck of the woods...inside the loop...could that be found)! :)

    Have a great week! xo...deb

  13. I love the dancing bears. They made me smile :)

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  15. What a FUN post! That hippo car is something else!


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