Saturday, August 14, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love

I can not believe the summer has gone by and I haven't blogged since May. I'm blaming the HOT weather in South's just to hot to think. But in honor of the movie "Eat, Pray, Love" coming out, I'm sharing some of my favorite Italy pictures. About 4 years ago I went on a dream trip to Italy with a man I was dating. Shortly after we returned we split. For a while the good memories of Italy were tainted, but now I say...SO WHAT...I GOT TO GO ITALY and he can't ruin it for me. :) So here are some of my great memories. If you ever saw Under the Tuscan Sun, you might recognize this as Cortona, the city the movie was filmed in. The only thing different about Cortona and the movie was there was no big fountain in the middle of the plaza. The townpeople always get the question....where's the fountain????
This was a vegetable stand that was closed but I loved the sign!

This is a typical Tuscan pretty.
We had gelato EVERDAY while there....the presentation was beautiful.

Everywhere I turned there were little walkways and small streets beckoning me to look and see what was down the lane. Hope you are enjoying my little trip down memory lane.


  1. Makes me wanna go! Post more! :)

  2. hey, why not insert another man's face (and bod?) in the memory! LOL. who would you like to go with NOW? whoohooo!!!!!!!!

    lovely photos BTW

  3. I loved "under the Tuscan Sun" & I so want to go to Italy. But I want to go & stay at least 3 wks. We're in agreement -- post more! Jan

  4. What beautiful pics! Looks like it was a dream trip, even if it wasn't a dream guy. ;)

  5. I loved your photos, with the exception of the old building the view looked like home to me. I did not like the book eat, pray, love, but I am going to go see the movie, looking forward to a date night with my gf's.

  6. Boy, do I hear you on this Texan heat! My blog melted away this summer, too.

    Thanks for sharing your Italy pics. I linked to them on my blog, in fact, since it fits right in with today's post.

    Have you seen Eat, Pray, Love yet? I enjoyed the book, but have been hearing bad reviews of the movie.

    OK, I'm off to add Under the Tuscan Sun to my Netflix queue...

    Ciao bella! :)

    p.s. If you need a good homemade iced coffee recipe, let me know

  7. this is on my bucket list! Houston does have a looong summer and so hot. Our dau. and her family just moved here from San Antonio and they go on and on about the cool weather. It's gonna get colder! Thanks for coming by GrannyMountain for a visit this morning...

  8. under the tuscan sun is one of my all time favorite movies. Love how it shows us the most beautiful side of italy. Gorgeous.


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