Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall Crafting---Martha Stewart Style

My crafty friends are at it again and we had so much fun today!  This month our hostess, Jennifer, found an easyMartha Stewart Video on creating temporary cobwebs on glassware. One of the tassel's made at last October craft day is part of the mantle decoration at Jenn's house.
She also has cute framed pictures of black cats, a spooky building and this boiling cauldron.  Easy, but super cute!

 You may remember Jenn's cake decorating skills from blogs past.  This time she made these tasty decorated sugar cookies for us.....YUMMMMMMMM.
We used cobweb stencils and taped them to the side of the glass ware,  then we painted or used paint pens to go over the lines of the webs.  This made the paint on the side that didn't come in contact with food and it was safe to use.  IF you wanted the cobweb to be permanent, you could use Porcelain Paint and then bake to make it permanent.  We opted for the wash off method.   
 And here we are with our finished products. 
 A quick look at the cute mantle decorations!
 Oh, and did I mention we got to make personal pizza's for lunch.  What's a craft day without food.......??
 And when I got home from Craft sweet cat Riley was basking in a little ray of sunshine she had found.....Too Cute! 
Happy Fall Ya'll!!!


  1. Hi Susan... thanks for stopping by my Blog and leaving such a sweet comment. I'm glad you're enjoying connecting with some of the other awesome Blog venues too, it's an amazing 'community' and so much fun to become involved in. Finding so many like-minded kindred Spirits all over the world has been so inspirational. I started mine as a personal journey and Journal but very quickly it has become so much more than that and I'm still amazed at the results. Looks like you and your creative Friends are having the time of your lives too. Blessings...

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Aww I love your critters. The cutest. Very festive post and I'm enjoying going through your blog. THank you for having me. I'm having a giveaway if you'd like to come by for a chance to win. Tammy

  3. What a fun crafting party! The mantel looks fabulous and everyone's creations turned out great!

  4. Oh, what a fun day you all had! It looks like a great group of crafty friends that you have there! The plates came out perfect... And how cute is Riley sunning in that little sliver of sunlight! Thanks for stopping by and meeting Patience!... Donna

  5. Oh how fun! This looks like a wonderful crafting gathering. Thanks for stopping by -- It's always nice to meet a new "blogging neighbor"!

  6. Susan, so good to hear from you. Your craft nights always look so fun! I have never been to a barn sale but it looks like something I would love to do. Hope you have a beautiful Thanksgiving! Lori


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