Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Colorful Weekend In Houston!

The beautiful day beckoned me to leave work early on Friday!! Just looking out my office window at the downtown skyline made me smile!  It's too beautiful a day to be stuck indoors. 
Looking out the other window and it was confirmed.  I'm definitely leaving a lunch and NOT coming back!  I love this view from my office.  See those church steeples in the middle pretty!  You can tell that our fall leaves haven't turned colors yet.  That probably won't happen until December.
 We celebrated my friend Rayma's birthday by gathering at her cute little bungalow and toasting a glass of red wine to the birthday girl.  That's Rayma on the right looking festive in her orange jacket. 
 This is the house next door to Rayma.  I loved their decorations too!
 Next stop was the Houston Zoo.  It's a gorgeous zoo, full of big oak trees and and tonight; 50 of the best restaurants in Houston.  They brought little sample dishes for us to try and many gave us coupons for dinners at the restaurants. 
 We also got two tickets for wine and beer with our entry fee but more could be purchased!  And we DID!  I was a little disappointed because it seems most of the animals were already tucked in and ready for a good nights sleep.  We DID get to see two elephant moms and their cute "little" babies.  One baby is named Baylor and the other is Tupelo.   Rayma was on elephant watch a lot of the summer. She's a zoo volunteer so she would get to the zoo at pre-dawn hours and sit with the mother elephant and monitor her progress.  Pretty cool gig!!
The next morning my craft group and I meet up in Sugar Land (a Houston Suburb) and went to the British Festival.  Here we are with a super sweet Bobby! 

Here is a booth with ALL things Lavender.  Even the Christmas tree!  I got some bath fizzies there and I'm sure they are going to be decadently wonderful!

 And her are some Scottish dancers.......doing their "thing" in their pretty kilts.
 And the Bagpipes and drums sounded great too. 
 We had a sample of this plum pudding and it was good.  It was served warmed with a butter brandy sauce that was quite stout but delicious. 
 A little tea room was set up instead of the usual burger and hotdog lunch.  We were served hot tea (Typhoo brand)...have you had it?  We even went along with the group and added cream to our hot tea.  I think I'm a convert!
 We each got a little bit different plate, but all have 3 finger sandwiches, a savory meat pie, a scone with clotted cream and jam and loads of sweets.  It doesn't look like a lot but we were stuffed and felt so royal.
 Outside we couldn't resist stopping by the small car show.  My friend Fredna, particularly liked this green car. 
And me....well, I bought the red one.  Yeah, right.....just dreaming but I think I could look pretty cool driving the sunny streets of Houston for the weekend!

It was definitely a colorful and fun weekend.  Hope you had a great one too!!!!


  1. Sounds like the perfect weekend. How amazing that your friend got to be on elephant watch! What an incredible experience. Beautiful photos. I've been a cream in my tea convert for years, thanks to an Aunt who lived in London for several years while working on a magazine. She brought the habit back with her, and it stuck! Kat

  2. Looks like beautiful weather and fun times. La

  3. And a good time was had by all. Thanks for your most encouraging comments. I always use that camera in "Close Up" mode and get eye level with most subjects but I am new to all this and am learning right along with you! hugs♥olive

  4. Looks like lots of fun! I like hot tea, but I have never tried cream in it.

  5. Those two vintage cars look fine! I love going to car exhibits too, especially if it's a vintage car show. They make me go back to the old times and feel like I'm inside a black and white photo. Have you ever driven a vintage car?

    Fe Penley


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