Thursday, November 11, 2010

I'm Finally Going to a Barn Sale!!!

WOOOOHOOOO.....I'm going to my first Barn Sale on Saturday!!  Maybe some of  you have been to one, but I only started hearing about Barn Sales after I joined the blogging world.  For a while I thought they were only held "up north"....but much to my surprise I started reading about one from a fellow blogger....Suzanne at Barn Chicks. 

Ya'll should REALLY "friend" her on Facebook .  I "Borrowed" these pictures from Facebook just to show why I'm SO excited....I hope you Barn Chicks don't mind.They are promising lots of vendors featuring vintage, antique, unique, funky, local, handmade, remade, or otherwise-made stuff. Get your Christmas shopping done early!
 These are pictures from last year but it's giving me a good idea of what a treat I'm in for.  So, if you are in the Central/South Texas area on Saturday, you should try and come.  Pictured below is Suzanne and her amazing photographer friend, Tracy.  I'm hoping I get to meet them both because it's so cool to meet a fellow blogger in person, don't you think?
 We are getting an early start so we can be there when it starts....9:00 a.m. (we have about a 2.5 hour drive)   We're gonna go as we like to call it ...."Ugly Early".  That means no makeup, most likely a cap over the hair, plain tee-shirt/jeans,etc. etc.  I usually say I'm going Ugly Early and then still throw on a little makeup--I just can't help myself...LOL!
My friend, Tyra (above right) and I plan on hitting the Barn Sale first and then venturing 12 miles down the road to Gonzales.  I've heard for years about a really cool architectural antique store there.  Does anybody have any suggestions on places to go near or in Gonzales?   And of course, check back with me.....because as usual, I'll be taking lots of pictures so I can share my fun adventures with YOU!


  1. Talk to SweetT (Garden Antqs). She's our resident Chickapedia!
    Woo to the hoo...have a great time.
    P.S. I think several people I know are planning on attending. Sadly I can't, but if you see a really cute redhead who goes by the name Amy taking photos...give her a hug from me!

  2. Sounds like fun! Gonzales has some really neat old buildings, including an old gas station that has been restored. I have no idea what it is, the last time we were there we took pictures of it. There is also a working gas station (Kings?) that looks like it is stuck in the fifties. And you won't be far from Goliad. If you get a chance, stop by Presidio LaBahia. It is an amazing experience. Kat

  3. Have fun and then run back and tell us all about it. Enjoy! La

  4. love it...never heard it called early ugly...great saying...can't wait to hear all about it...

  5. Oh, how FUN!! Can't wait to hear about your trip and see what you got!... Donna

  6. I've never heard of a barn sale; one would think here in the corn there might be a few.

    Hope you had a great time and share what it was like!

  7. Mom always talks about barn sales and I didn't know what they were until now. I know you will have the grandest time!! I bet yout won't be able to sleep the night before out of anticipation, so you might be "full makeup and fancy hair early"

  8. Looks like a great time! I love trips like that.



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