Thursday, March 24, 2011

Treasure Hunting on the Coast

I'm playing a little catch up on my blog because I've been having so much fun flitting around.  This past weekend I went to Austin and what they call their "City Wide Garage Sale".  As any typical road trip, we had many stops before we got to our actual destination.  Below is a teaser of my loot....but you'll have to check back in a few days to hear the "rest of the story".

Earlier I posted about my friend Lea's greenhouse in Seadrift, TX.  Besides enjoying her wonderful hospitality and beautiful greenhouse and yard, we ALWAYS shop when we are in town. The first stop was a resale shop.  These two sweet kitty's were so fun to play with but we zoomed thru the shop, got some bargains and moved on. 

We almost missed this shop.....but we are sure glad we didn't!  It's called The Treasure Chest and it's in Port O'Connor, TX.  This is the beautiful and fun Joanie Morgan, that owns the place.
Last year this store was tucked away and's a big pretty pink building you can't miss! 
In addition to a new space, they beefed up their inventory.  I just fell in love with this picture.  It looks like a photograph but it's acrylic paint.  The shadows looks so REAL, don't they?  I could plop myself in that picture and be happy for hours, just looking at the water and drinking that bottle of wine.  :)
Pretty beach and ocean scenes in stained glass shown in the windows.....aren't they pretty?
I bought this necklace and it's turned into one of my all time favorites. 
And my friend, Tyra, tried on this pretty aqua and clear beaded necklace.  We all agreed she HAD to buy it because it looked so pretty on her. 
Check back soon.....I've been going and blowing so much I've got tons to show and tell.  Happy Spring Ya'll!!!! 


  1. Looking forward to the next post to get a better look at your treasures. Looks like you had a great time!

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful time! Can't wait to see the goodies you found.

  3. Can't wait to see all your goodies! The thrill of the hunt is almost as much fun as bringing home the treasures!! I'm headed to Round Top next week-end... you going? Monica

  4. Thanks for stopping by Pandora's Box! I love the photo of the kittens...their noses look like puzzle pieces, where one is white, the other is black!!

    I'll be back..patti

  5. Don't keep us waiting too long! I live quite close to Sea Drift and Port O, but I never thought of shopping there! I'll have to head that way some time!

  6. Sounds like you had so much fun... and found lots of treasures, can't wait to see it all.... and what cute kitty's! I wanted to thank you for stopping by and for your sweet comments! Love your blog and just joined as your newest follower! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    Blessings~~~ Daphne


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