Sunday, March 27, 2011

On the Way to Austin.......

Last weekend my friend and I headed to Austin on Friday morning!  Isn't it wonderful to take a vacation day from the office and just do "girly things"?  I NEED those .................
Chappell Hill is about an hour's drive outside of Houston...but it might as well be a world away.  It's just so quite and peaceful and beautiful.

It's like Camelot....the flowers are always in bloom!
And if I won the lotto,.....I'd own this beauty!  It's smack dab in the middle of Chappell Hill.  I could sit on my front and watch the world go by.  Ahhhhhhh....A glass of ice tea---this beauty....what MORE could I want!??!?!
Since we were just two crazy girls on the loose, we stopped at any Antique Store or Junque Shop we wanted too...heaven!  I like to decorate with books/cards so I'm excited to add these to my collection .  

I got a couple of linens......I just liked the pretty little flowers on them and it's hard to find Cottage-y things with I snagged this.  Plus the well made candy thermometer should hold up to my fudge and peant brittle recipes.  And I've been needing a new cookie/bisquit cutter.  And lo and behold, I found this set for $4.00!  SCORE!
My mom had a set JUST like these........I just had to have them.....$6....  :)
Isn't this apron cute?  I have a couple of them my Grandmother cross stitched some and was lucky enough to inherit them.  I feel so June Cleaver (in a good way!) when I wear my aprons.
Hmmmm.....what do you think THIS is??!?!?  Love the colors and it's going to turn into wall artwork in my colorful cottage.  It was only $5.  Sweet, right?
This board brings back so many childhood afternoons...playing Chinese Checkers, Monopoly and Life.  Did YOU play those games?
Isn't this a bright, colorful fabric swatch? Two "purple" linens in one shopping was my LUCKY weekend!

Here the the whole tablecloth.  It was in great shape and only $10. 

But I think my all time favorite find that day was this book, "The Wonderful Tarbaby".  This was another favorite childhood read and the illustrations are gorgeous.  Are there any childhood books that you always look for?  


  1. We had a GREAT time! Not only did we stop at all the junk and antique shops all the way up and back on TX 290, when we got to Austin the SXSW Film and Music Festival was in full swing. We went to Austin Citywide Garage Sale, had dinner at an awesome blues and jazz bar,danced in the streets with a roving drum line, choked on a couple of clove cigars and had several concoctions of vodka drinks with a WONDERFUL steak dinner. Passed up a second night on 6th Street with the crowds for beer and "artisan" cheeses from room service in our downtown Hilton Hotel as we laughed our butts off to PeeWee Herman on Broadway. Shopped our way back to Houston and just had an overall BLAST. It truly was a COLORFUL weekend with Susan!

  2. You found some fabulous treasures! Treasures + time with a good friend...what could be better?

  3. I can't wait for it to be warm enough here to go shopping among the flowers. Fantastic buys!

  4. thanks for stopping by my blog. You found some great finds. I think I have a tablecloth just like yours! It is so pretty. I have lots of old tablecloths, I use them at our family reunion covering all the picnic tables with them. We have the same likes...aprons, old children's books, old games and embroidered linens.

  5. Ay yi friend Urban Huntress is telling all my secrets. Up until now you thought I was just a sweet thing with a penchant for junque. Now the story is told...I'm a WILD WOMAN. Oh was sure to get out one of these days...LOL!

  6. Hope you win the lotto so you'll snag that beauty :) Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment :)

  7. Wow what a trip! Love the apron and Chinese Checkers board!

  8. Look's like you found a trove of goodies. Thank You for stopping by this morning..........Julian

  9. Hello There! What a wonderful trip you had! I need to do that with my sisters! You found some terrific treasures! So glad you stopped by so that I might repay the visit!

  10. Looks like fun! I just bought an old golden book the big size "the Gingerbread Man". My favorite childhood story. When I lived in South Shore Harbor I loved going to all the shops down on Kemah boardwalk and the wine festival, too. I miss that!

  11. Hi Susan,

    It is so nice to meet you and visit your fun and colorful blog. Thank you for taking us along with you on your day off - looks like you had a great day and found some wonderful treasures.
    Have a lovely day.

  12. I love those girly shopping days with friends. I don't get them enough is you ask me. And OH how those canisters would look great in my vintage kitchen. I am on the hunt for some cool retro canisters and other "junk" for me kitchen right now. I love ebay. I could spend an arm and a leg on that sight.

  13. I love the canisters and have some similar ones somewhere. The purple clothe is pretty exciting too! thanks bunches for visiting me♥

  14. What great treasures! I love the flowers.

  15. Sounds like the perfect get away to me. Great treasures. Thanks so much for your sweet comment. Hope to see you again sometime.

  16. It looks like you had a great time...that house is gorgeous...I love it too!
    Your words of support for me and my *mess* have encouraged me so much...THANK YOU for sharing your heart!

  17. Gracious, looks like you hit the right spots! Gorgeous items!! Thanks for popping is improving...high of 43 today. I'm just beginning to fill up my ArtFireStudio, Jan Tanis Designs...with my goodies. Previous to yesterday, I had them all in my Rose Haven Designs Studio...but want my own name on them!! LOL!! Lots of work - 225 more items to I have at least another 80-100 items ready to be listed!! My poor little fingers. Thanks for the compliments on my jewelry!! I really appreciate it!! ;)

  18. Omg...have not been to Chappell Hill in at least 10 years...its an adorable town and we used to eat at the Beaver Cafe...wonder if it is still there? Great desserts. :)

    Great finds for you today! And that is the cutest sweater and shirt that you have on! LOVE it.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today, I appreciate the kind comment! Tickled to find you through Texas Blogging Gals. Check out my other blog too:

    yapping cat studio

  19. What a cool day trip for you. Your finds were incredible and so retro!

  20. What neat finds! Love, love that tablecloth! I've always wanted to visit Austin - hopefully, I will someday. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.



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