Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Colorful Warrenton Antique Shopping

The Warrenton/Round Top/Marberger Antique Show comes around twice a year....April and October.  Generally those two months are the most beautiful in South Texas.  Blue Skies, low humidity, cool mornings but sunny warm afternoons.  Ahhhh, paradise!
Since I've put myself on a major budget, I decided my visit to Warrenton this year would be more about photographs instead of buying "stuff".  Don't get me wrong....I bought some stuff; just not very much.  And I STILL had a blast!  Good friends, good weather, good times!

These colorful little "berry baskets' caught my eye because I was trying to capture the colorful side of Warrenton....get it....as in "SUSAN'S COLORFUL LIFE"! 
I thought the sunlight looked beautiful as it shone through these pretty canisters.
Don't these look good enough to eat?  They are faux cakes.....I think if I bought them I would be hungry for cupcakes ALL the time, wouldn't you?
Since we are fast approaching Easter, many of the booths had an Easter theme.  I thought this dapper Mr. Rabbit was VERY cute!  It's like he has his hat in hand, asking for a treat.  Maybe since he's a fake bunny he would be interested in the cupcakes.
These little Easter blocks were precious and I loved the vintage-y feel but I already has one set of blocks (not nearly this cool)  but I opted for a photo instead of a purchase.  What a GOOD girl I was...and let me tell ya....it was hard saying "no" to myself so many times!
I love the look of this whole shelf! 
This sweet pup reminds me of my sweet dog, Carson (Prince of my Colorful Cottage--as seen on the side of the blog)!  At first I thought it was a pinata but I believe it was just a cute, paper puppy dog. 
Cookie jars always attract my eye....maybe it's because I love to bake cookies and eat cookies so much. 
And what's Spring without a GINORMOUS Easter Bunny.  He reminds me of a scarecrow that I put on my porch in the Fall.  Hmmmm.....that's got me thinking......I should pull out my scarecrow and "bunny" him up. 
I have many more pictures of our great time in Warrenton so....check back in a few days for more pictures!


  1. Love your blog - just became a new follower. Come say hi on my blog sometime.

  2. The canisters are so pretty. The cupcakes look good enough to eat, lol!

    Happy Tuesday.

  3. Looks like it was a fun day shopping! Loving those cupcakes and yes, looks good enough to eat! Your fur babies are so cute!


  4. Looks like a great trip! Those cupcakes look so good I'd probably chip a tooth! Happy Wednesday:@)

  5. Wow, so much wonderful eye candy. Love it all and my favorite way to spend a day.

    Thanks also for your visits and your gracious comments. That always makes my day. Hugs, Marty

  6. What a happy post! It's not truly "spring" here yet - color is lacking so this was a much needed "pick-me-up" on this gray day.

    Your Carson is such an adorable guy!


  7. My son is in the Navy and there was a chance that his next duty station would be in Texas. I certainly wouldn't mind because of all the great antique shopping there!

  8. Susan, you took some lovely images. Having a camera does help with not making purchases...you did good! hugs♥olive

  9. Warrenton/Roundtop is on my wish list. It seems like something else always comes up to keep me from going...and the fact that you probably have to book a room a long time in advance. Eventually I'll get there.
    Thanks for visiting my blog recently and leaving a comment so I know you were there. How are those tags coming along?

  10. You are so good to take pictures instead of buying (too much). Budgets are hard to stick to in places like that. So many cute things to choose from!!

  11. spill it to sister--LOVE IT!! your pics from round top are great!! thanks for stopping by mu blog--LOVE YOURS--i am a new follower!
    chris p.s.---lunch next year at round top!!

  12. Hi Susan,
    It looks like you found the good goods in Warrenton. I've never been there, but it is on my bucket list for sure!

    Oh I think you're the lucky one...to live in Texas I mean...it is snowing again here tonight and the last time I looked out the door we had 3" of the white stuff. I say 'it's April already' LOL!
    I love your blog!

  13. I'm also envious that you live in texas and get to go to the famed round top! Oh, the damage I could do to my budget there...
    Loved your photos, the Paper dog and Mammy cookie jar were my favorites.
    We have a big show up here called the Madison bouckville Antique Festival. It's the biggest one in this state and I'm fortunate to live less than an hour away.
    Love your colorful blog!


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