Monday, April 25, 2011

Tag Swap Goodies

 WooHoo is right!  I entered my first Swap last month.  We were to make a tag and, funny thing is, I have no idea why I joined the swap because I've NEVER made a tag.  My sweet swap mate, Betty, at  She's Sew Pretty turned out to be just the nicest and best tag make ever.  And many thanks to Sandy at 521 Lake Street Blog for putting the swap together. 

Betty's package came and I was so excited to open it up, I forgot to take pictures of the pretty wrapping.  Everything was carefully wrapped in pink ribbon and pink tissue.  So Special!!!  In our emails back and forth at the beginning of the swap I told her I liked the color purple.  What a cute purple Easter Bucket she found!

 And this delicious smelling purple candle went immediately on my mantel.  Betty even made a pretty little tag for the candle.  She's GOOD!
 And how about this purty little eggs? 
 And this vintage hankie...........I LOVE violets! 
 And this cute pincushion was HANDMADE by Betty.  Check out the CUTE details......Amazing work!
 And her extra special tag................
Check out the detail of the little flower, the pretty green cutout paper, the ribbon....I'm SO impressed.  I told her she got the short end of the stick when she got MY tag; but it WAS made with love and I can ONLY IMPROVE...LOL!!  Thanks again rock!


  1. Wow! I want to play, lol. Such nice gifts sounds like a fun idea!

  2. I don't think I got the short end of the stick at all. I love what you sent me and I love my pretty tag!

  3. Oh they all look so wonderful!
    Have a great day !

  4. Wow you really hit the jack pot!! These things are all so pretty!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I am having an all natural organic products giveaway. I hope you will enter.

  5. Hi Susan! Thanks for stopping by~ I'm finally getting around to visiting:)
    What cute swap treasures~ I enjoyed your Easter photos from days gone by, just precious!

  6. You got some great goodies there, susan! I have REAL violets popping up all over the farm. They smell soooo sweet! wish I could bottle it!

    Swaps are really fun -IF you don't let yourself stress! I used to worry too much that my partner wouldn't be happy with what I sent and it took the fun away. This was my first swap in a couple of years and I was more relaxed with this one than any other.

    Thanks for coming by. I lived in Vidor Tx for 11 years and the South will always be a part of me. ♥
    Hmmm... I'm having a hard time getting this comment to publish. If it duplicates- feel free to delete!

  7. Thanks Susan for stopping by. The flood is on hold for a few days. Down now, up a little next week and then down again. Of course all this can change in a flash. Happy Easter,hope you get needed rain and we get sunshine. Funny weather all over the world. Richard

  8. Sweet tag! And the pincushion is adorable. This was such a fun swap.

  9. Thank you for your nice words. You were very lucky indeed, such wonderful gifts. I am a new follower.

  10. Hi Susan, I was trying to e-mail you, but it didn't want to work from your profile. I just read your comment on my shoe post. We graduated the same year! Wondering what part of Houston you're in...I'm just down the road. Feel free to use my e-mail - :-)

    and yep, I do still LOVE all those shoes!

  11. Thanks for stopping by the other day! I read you like faux painting, and we live in the same place....ever heard of "Faux Heavens Sake"? That was my business.
    So glad you are following...I'm following along too!

  12. Beautiful swap goodies - love the tag & the pin cushion especially, but it's all good, isn't it?! It was a fun swap!


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