Friday, April 22, 2011

Vintage Easter Pics

I've been digging thru old photos and found a couple of fun Easter photos to share from "back in the day".  Every year at Easter time the wisteria if our yard would bloom and we would take the obligatory "Wisteria Picture".  Perhaps that's why I love the color purple so much!
 This is my sister Donna and me.  Even  back then you could tell I was going to be the silly one and she, the more mature one, don't you think?!??  LOL !!! 
 Easter morning was always so exciting.  The Easter Bunny always left a basket full of goodies and eggs hidden in the yard. 
 Isn't it funny about pictures that when you see the rooms you are in and the people you are with, you are transported back to that time.  Ahhhh....such great, sweet memories of a time long ago. 
 Every year, until my parents got wise.....we got baby chicks.  They typically lasted for a week and then they were mysteriously GONE!  The cats in the neighborhood LOVED Easter....if you get my drift.  :(

Hope you ALL have a wonderful and blessed Easter and get to spend time with the people you love.  And REMEMBER to take pictures....time has a way of slipping away all to quickly and photos are such great reminders of who we are and who we love. 


  1. Oh these are precious! Remind me of some photos I have!
    Happy Easter - love those Wisterias by the way!!!

  2. Such sweet photos and memories! They make me want to look through my old albums!

  3. Wonderful photos and memories!
    Have yourself a great Easter.

  4. I love seeing these pics Susan!
    They took me back in time too, maybe to a time when life was simpler.
    Happy Easter,

  5. What darling photos - of course having such cute subject matter helps. Love them. Happy Easter!

  6. What sweet memories.
    I love things like that-

    Have a blessed Easter weekend,
    White Spray Paint

  7. These are such adorable pictures.I know they brought make such great memories. I love looking at older photographs.

  8. great pics susan! The second one of you laughing is too cute!! Thanks for stopping by my blog --i posted some pics of the new room...It was a LONG journey--but like all tasks we take on i learned some things NOT to do next time!

  9. The pictures are so adorable! Poor little chicks and/or lucky little kitties!


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