Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pool Side Art

There's a wonderful place I like to go to that's right new neighbor, Tyra's Pool!  I love it so much I even made a little sign to point the way!
Years ago the two hubby's (mine has since moved on, but I kept the house, woohoo) installed a gate between our back yards for easy access to the pool! Great friends, huh? 
Behind the gate is this beautiful, cool oasis.  Check out the fence she recently put up.  We found the fence on a Saturday trip to Carmine, TX at Garden Antiques Vintage at /
Here are some of our MUST haves, once we've plopped ourselves down and are seriously RELAXIN'! Ice cold  beverage, sunglasses, sunscreen, great magazines, and flip flops so you won't burn your feet when you have to cross the hot cement to go inside for more supplies.
A talented friend painted this mural along the side of the shed.  I somehow still resist the urge to put two clam shells on her chest for a little bikini top!  LOL!
Keeping with the beachy, coastal theme, is a wall of fish and nets.  Click on the picture to check out the cool sign she got in Rockport, TX that says "Paradise Ain't Cheap".
More cool yard art we picked up in Rockport.......
Look who's watching you!?!?!?  A portion of artwork a friend did randomly one night on my old ping pong table.  Tyra was smart enough to snag it for her backyard decorating.
Have you had a Greek God check you out lately?  Yes, ALL the time!
Here's the "other side" of the ping pong table art.  I think it's a great way to fill up fence space. 
Poolside isn't complete without music and the tambourines almost always make an appearance so we can play along to our favorite tunes.  Great exercise, but watch out for bruises on your legs.
There's nothing better than just floating and listening to the sound of the waterfall and, of course, music!
And who says men can't multi-task.  Tyra's son, Brandon, joined us and worked on his tan while texting!  Ahhhh, what a life! 


  1. Looks lovely ! What a great place to be by the pool ! Great photos and decore . Have a wonderful day !

  2. Lucky you, what a wonderful oasis so close by!

  3. Wow, I wish I had a neighbor with an awesome pool! Love the large artwork!

  4. Hi, Susan, thanks for stopping by. My neighbors just sold their house & I'm so bummed. I could use their pool anytime but now younguns' have moved in & they're not very friendly. I know by your neighbors art that it would be a fun place to visit. Jan

  5. Hi Susan,

    Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog too. It's always fun meeting new people, especially those who share a common interest. Consider me a new Follower!!


  6. Hi there, thanks for your your blog. This looks like a good neighbor indeed, how fun! Come say hi any time :D

  7. Hi Susan!Looks like a great summer spot! Love the yard art and the mural. I could not live without my pool, either, as it's a "must have" in the South. Have a Happy 4th!


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