Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pretty Green Houses

Last week I posted about Yellow Houses....and this week I'm bringing you some photos of Green Houses. 
The one may be small, but I'm not opposed to small houses....less to clean, closer to your loved ones, etc.  :)This pretty avocado colored cottage is one of my favorite "green houses".
This one reminds me of the color of money.  The cute window upfront is cute, don't you think?
This pretty pale green cottage with plus accents is cool and inviting.
This picture looks a bit putty-brown but in person it's a calming sage green.  I think the fence and the front door are interesting.
Here's a re-done cottage where the front porch was enclosed with big windows.  I like the look but ya'll know how I love a FRONT PORCH.  Hopefully, there is a porch in the back!
Pretty and soothing color combination!
Like this color combo too!
The roof line on this one is what got my attention.
Well, this is a big ole house and needs a LOT of paint.  I'm not sure if they are in the process of painting/scraping it, or if it's in disrepair.  It certainly has a lot of charm and could be a real looker.  Check out the diamond in the window and on the porch.

Next up......Blue, Pink and Purple houses.....and, really colorful rainbow house.  Stay tuned!


  1. I love cottage style homes. They are all pretty!

  2. I enjoyed your tour. Love to click on pics and see up close(I'm nosy). Looking forward to your next tour, I just love old houses! Have a fun day, Lori

  3. Oh I love the green one!!1 Thanks for stopping by and telling me how to fix my blog comments. Kathy

  4. Cute houses. I'm inspired to start photographing different colored houses!

  5. Oh I love green houses! We are looking at buying one right now but it is to pale a shade of green so loved getting ideas!Thanks for the blogging woes advice! Traci

  6. Yay had to let you know it worked! I did what you said then tried on you first. Thanks! Traci

  7. Your post made me want a green house!

    Are you hot?
    I can't breathe!

    White Spray Paint

  8. I like green houses but your last post on the yellows was where my love is. I am getting ready for the pinks. My pc was in the hands of my college age kiddo last week so that's why I missed this post. ♥O

  9. I love anything green. Those are some cuties!

  10. Susan - thanks for stopping by my blog! After looking at the green and yellow houses (and the green ones are VERY nice...). My favorites are the yellow ones - any of them. It's my dream to have a little yellow cottage on a lake some day! Thanks for the tours and have a wonderful day!

  11. Hi there, I just stumbled onto your blog. What sweet little green houses!! Now I'm off to view the yellow ones in your next post. :-)


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