Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cocktail Kind of Night!

Friday in MY world calls for cocktails.  After a long, hard work week, its great to hang out with good friends and unwind.  My friend, Susan A.  (aka Gypsy Wanderlust) has a home that very cocktail friendly.
 A few Friday's ago we had Ladies Night and it included the BEST snacks.  Marconi Almonds, mini organic mozzarella balls--wrapped in prosciutto, roast red pepper hummus and various delicious crackers.
 We're Vodka Girls here Houston and Skyy AND this Skyy neon are some of our favorites. more than just an "action word"'s a super delicious drink.  Cranberry Juice ice cubes need to be made early in the day.  When ready to have a Smooch...put THREE ice cubes in a martini glass and pour in lemonade and vodka to your liking.  Then stand back and admire your beautiful drink.  If you look closely you will see that the THREE ice cube create the iconic shape lips forming the shape of a Smooch!  These are pinkish Smooches, but if you add a bit of food coloring into the cubes, the "lips" get redder.  Really Pretty AND the cubes turn to slush for a great ending to a wonderful drink!
 Susan's kitchen also has this uber cute Martini Neon.
 This sassy yellow taxi cookie jar is a great conversation piece!!!  Of possibly she keeps it loaded with cocktail napkins!?!?!?
 This picture always makes me smile.  It's so simple and it's great graphic art for Susan contemporary, yet eclectic kitchen.  She and I were passing thru Alabama on a Christmas Road Trip from Texas to W. Virginia and at a rest stop they were giving these posters away.  Susan has a great eye and knew immediately she would frame and hang in the kitchen.
 And here's a peek of the living room, complete with a truck tool chest, serving as a sofa table/chest, salvaged from the back of a pick-up truck!  SEE, I told you she had awesome ideas!  This is where we adjourn, with cocktails, to begin the "Girl Talk".  And that's ALL I can say about that b/c.....what's SAID at Happy Hour....STAYS at Happy Hour!  Right?  Right!
Do you have Happy Hour rituals or good cocktails recipes?

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  1. Wow, looks like fun. Your friend is very creative! Love the Alabama poster(born there). The snacks look yummy, you girls know how to have fun!


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