Saturday, July 23, 2011

Little Pink Houses for Me and You!

It's been a few weeks but I'm back on my house photography safari! This time I was hunting PINK HOUSES and I found some to share with you!  

These are a little terra cotta-ish color but they are pink enough!

 This is one of my you like it?  The whole style makes me smile!
 This looks like a fun place to live.  Checkout the little area by the car and the fence! I'd love to see the back yard.
 Now here someone who LOVES color!  :)
 A more subtle pink house.

This one was hard to photograph because the greenery was so thick.  I like the green and white striped awnings.  
This one's not quite so old as some of the others, but it's has character. 

Besides the pretty pink houses, I love the huge trees in this neighborhood.  Don't you?  Next Post.....Purple Houses....and YES....I found some good ones!  


  1. Our previous house was pink brick! You find such cute houses. I can't wait for purple!

  2. Loving the pink! I use to dream of owning a pink stucco house when I grew up!:)

  3. Oh they are soo cute ! Awesome photos , have a good day !

  4. These are a gorgeous, love the ones especially with awnings. Theresa, Garden Antqs Vintage

  5. Thanks for your visit Susan...I love these houses! Funny thing, our place is for sale and this is just what we are looking for..a cottage! ;D

  6. Hi susan! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the sweet comment. I love the pink houses and CANNOT wait to see what you find in purple! Ha! I once painted my front door purple and absolutely loved it. Now following your cool blog. Come see me when you make it up to Canton!


  7. I love little pink houses. My best friend grew up in one! I've been reading through some of your previous posts. I love the gate between your neighbor's yard and yours!! I don't even know my neighbors who have a pool right behind my house! :o(

  8. I want one with a 1950s pink cadi in the driveway! I love this post and my dream is to have a pink cottage/studio in my back yard. When my back yard grows by an a half of an acre! come see me at

  9. Pink houses, wow! They certainly make a statement, don't they?
    I like the one with the thick greenery. I'm sure that makes the porch nice and cool and very private!

  10. I want to live in a pink house one day or at least have a pink door !

  11. Fantastic images. I am now following you and love your posts, especially the pink houses and swimming pool pics, it's hot here in Cali and I wish I had a pool. lol. Keep em coming. Thanks!

  12. OK, now I want a pink house! :) Your favorite was my favorite too!

  13. Great pics and I LOVE the PINKs!!! The third one is my favorite - style and color! I can't wait to see the purples!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and checking our Market Day!


  14. Cute! Pink Houses! There is a fab pink house on the bayfront here in C.C. I'll have to share a pic sometime. i love pink houses, especially the one in Michael Lee West's latest novel. Can you believe my mom's house used to be entirely pink...inside and out?! Complete with a pink picket fence?! I posted about it in a post I called "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" because my mom's cat was preening on the tin. It's not pink anymore, but the reminiscent pink still shows thru ; )


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