Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Cute Little "Shanty"

My talented designer friend, Rhonda downsized recently from a swanky downtown Houston loft to a cuter, than cute, duplex in the historic Heights section of town.  She jokingly calls her new place a "SHANTY".
So, since I LOVE signs, I created this one for her front porch, using a recycled sign, some letters I bought from a flea market and mirrors that I mosaic-ed.
 As you can tell, Rhonda has a knack for decorating....even her porch.  AND a green thumb! Which is amazing since we're in a huge drought.
 Here's a look a little bit closer.
And here's the other side of the porch......her next door neighbor Brenda really lucked out when a designer moved in next door, didn't she?  Plus, they also ended up being good friends...How Fun!
 Blooming on the back porch is an okra plant with a beautiful flower.  If you look closely you can see the okra on the top right of the blossom.  She ultimately gathered about 10 pieces of okra off the plant.  Pretty good for the first try! 
In Houston it's a necessity to use drought-hardy plants in your yard.  Otherwise, they end up being  "crispy" in no time.
This cute little donky is "Pedro".  Rhonda had freshened up his paint but she said he looked like a delicious chocolate donkey. 
She asked me to come over and "work some magic" so I brought a tiny bit of paint and dry brushed him to show off his curves, and nooks and crannies. 

And on the backporch stoop stands a pretty, perky strawberry pot with a sweet little angel guarding it from the birds and squirrels. 
Looks like Pepe is sleepy, so I guess the tour is over.  Rhonda promised to let me photograph the inside of her pretty little "shanty". You'll LOVE it!  Check back soon!


  1. Well,I, for one, love her little shanty!

  2. What a sweet looking place love the sign you made ! Cant wait to see more photos of this little place. Have a wonderful eve.

  3. What an amazing porch...everywhere you look you see something pretty! How nice to have her for a friend!!

    Just started to follow your blog and love it! :-)


  4. That shanty is no shanty. Love all the red chairs and plants. I am about to start drought hardy plants here in Georgia.

  5. Gives new meaning to the word "SHANTY"!! :-)


  6. Love the sign! This drought is horrible,as are the wildfires.

  7. Beautiful! I love those red chairs! And the sign is adorable!

  8. Hi Susan, What a darling "shanty". How sweet of you to make the sign for her. Her front porch is darling, I can see many an hour sitting out there admiring her flowers and visiting. Thank your friend for giving us the pleasure of seeing her darling place, next tour is inside right? Hope you all cool off soon. hugs ~lynne~


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