Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I Heard it Through the "GRAPEVINE", TX that is!

Last week I had the chance to go to Grapevine, TX for 24 hours.  Of course, I like to travel with friends, so you are invited to come along (via the photos). Next time maybe we can meet up there! 
Grapevine is just a little north of the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, but when you are on the main street with all the vintage stores and cute restaurants, you are transported to a simpler place and time.
Can't you just imagine this cute little movie theatre having a line of excited patrons, waiting in line for movies in the 50's and 60's. Young people on first dates, family's waiting to see the newest Disney movie, mature sweethearts slipping out for a fun nite on the town.
Since I'm preparing for an upcoming trip to France (more about THAT exciting news in my next post!) I thought it would be fun to eat somewhere that looked a little "Paris-y". Oh la la!
I ordered the most delicious cranberry/orange scone and a great cup of Italian coffee.  Gotta have some Go-Juice for all the shopping that lay ahead of me. 

C'est Bon is RIGHT!  Maybe I'll find a handsome Frenchman just like this one while in Provence!

All their pastries looked delicious.....but I resisted. (Remember I DID have a scone!)
These little tarts were calling my name  but I resisted, uh....because I saw a cupcake shop that I planned on dropping by after lunch. See....I had a plan!
On the weekends there is a Farmer's Market that had delicious looking produce; including Hatch Chili's and local peaches.  YUMMMM!
I almost passed up this little shop because it was small , but I'm SO glad I didn't.  They had really cute stuff and not too pricey. I even found two cute tops for my France trip. 
I'd heard some good things about this store, Hollyhocks.  The owner is also going on the trip to France and so I was curious to visit her shop.  And I was not disappointed.
The front porch and lawn are filled with interesting goodies that beckon you in to check it ALL out. 

She has lots of garden and botanical type antiques. There's a fun mix of old and new and the prices are really reasonable.
There are beautiful linens, great shabby chic furniture and fun pillows.
Check out these cute pajamas!  I'm sure they just get softer and softer the more time you wash them.
So.....that's my SUPER quick run through Grapevine.  Be sure and check back soon and I'll tell you all about my exciting, upcoming trip to Provence and Paris! 


  1. What a fun place! I'd love to visit myself but I know I would want more than 24 hours!! Hollyhocks sounds and looks like a wonderful shop...I did a little window/screen shopping while in there with you!!

    Can't wait to hear about your trip! Yay!!


  2. Looks like a wonderful place . Yummy all the sweets they were calling me to through your post lol Cant wait to hear and see more ! Great post and photos. Have a wonderful eve.

  3. Love going along on your jaunts around Texas and I can't wait to hear about Paris!! I want to go there one day, so take lots of notes.. :-)


  4. Hey Sis (literally). . . I am always soooo impressed when I read your blog. Looks Like Grapevine would be FUN place to go for one of our "girl's weekend out!" Donna

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