Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cooking Class in a French Chateau!!

We had been told we were going to a French Cooking Class....but imagine our surprise when we pulled up in front of THIS beauty!
And not to Name-Drop or anything, but this chateau was visit many times by Louis XXIV as a hunting lodge!
Our host, Mark, now lives in this family home that was once occupied by the German's during World War II. He was the ultimate host and showed us around before the cooking class started.  Have you EVER seen a fig tree this big?
This was just a "little guest house" on the property.  I think I could just stay there forever!
Here's the pool and garden that the guest house looks out on.WHAT a view, right?
And the other end of the pool.  Beyond that stone fence were some pet donkey's. 
This is the view looking back to the house.....rough life, huh?
Mark obviously has a green thumb and has a way with begonias.  Loved the fact that just random pieces of concrete fences decorated the flower beds.
A pretty little stair way to lead to secret parts of the garden.
Stunning, right?
More of the hidden garden............
Then around the corners was a century old bathhouse.  The walls of the little domed building were decorated with shells. 
The mosaic ceiling of the bath house.
Pretty Garden shed............
An interesting planter.............
A winding stairway..........
Another out building...............There's SO much room there....I don't think they would notice if I moved in, do you?  Until all my friends started traipsing thru; because if I'm going to live somewhere THIS cool, you are ALL invited to come and visit!
A beautiful old (maybe I should quit saying "OLD" because everything THERE is old.  LOL!
A random little cactus garden in the South of France.
The beautiful green house.............
Not sure what this building was....but who cares!  It's COOL! 
The bird house for fancy French Chickens.........
And THEN, we are invited into the special Cooking Class Kitchen.  We all sat around this beautiful table and watched our host prepare a scrumptious meal of lamb.....and, OF COURSE, the wine was flowing.
Mark, our host and chef, was so personable and cute....AND a sexy French Accent!
This is a ricotta pie he made for dessert.  The bowl is lined with fig leaves (from that huge fig tree, no doubt) and then baked for dessert.
More dishes and more wine.....................he even provided recipe cards to we could write down the recipes.
And here is the ricotta pie after it was cooked.  Interesting, huh?  It wasn't my all time favorite dessert but it was SO French....what's not to love.  The other dish is a rice and chickpea side dish.
The buffet in the cooking kitchen.....
Being the nosy guests, we asked the walk through his REAL kitchen.  Check out this stove and tile work. 
And finally, just a funny thing I found in the hallway......This is PROBABLY one of his relatives....I just liked the shadow. 
Check back later in the week for MORE FUN FRENCH ADVENTURES!  Bon  Jour..........


  1. Susan...your pictures are just amazing. I feel like I just took a tour of the grounds myself! And the class looks like so much fun, I've always wanted to take a cooking class and this had to be the ultimate! SO glad you had this experience! Thanks for sharing it!


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  3. Your photos are stuning as is the buildings ,gardens and food ! Thanks for taking us along ! Have a wonderful day ! P.S. sorry about the delete blogger went wonky on me !

  4. That last photo is just splendid. The whole post is really. That kitchen is wonderful with all that pottery. However did you come home?

  5. *gasp*

    you make me want to go to a cooking class!!! And I would have sooooooooo been right there with you giggling over the shadow... LOL

    ALL of it is GORGEOUS!!!
    ;-D robelyn

  6. What an amazing trip! The pictures are stunning...and what a wonderful experience to get to go to a cooking class. I am not supposed to be...but I am JEALOUS!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog! I am following you now as well!

    and MERRY CHRISTmas to YOU! Kristine

  7. I wish I knew how to say "sigh" in French. LOL That house is just beautiful. Sounded like the perfect day.

  8. Oh, such a dream of a cooking school adventure!! Stunning is right. I know you must have a terrific time and I enjoyed the viarious visit to France!! thank you. blessings ~ tanna

  9. Love the old stone work of the buildings. Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind comment. Thanks for following and I'm following now too. Merry Christmas!

  10. What a fabulous home! Love the beautiful house and the wonderful view! Have a delightful day, Kellie xx

  11. Way.too.cool. I love your blog, cooking and travel are my #1 and #2 all time favorites! The Olde English Christmas was fun, after all we do hail from England going way back. So glad you found your way to Granny Mountain so that I can find my way back here! Following...

  12. Wow! What a wonderuful beautiful home. The views were incredible. I loved all the patina on the outside planters.. I know you had a blast in cooking class..what a fun day.
    Happy Holidays.. hugs ~lynne~

  13. Well ooo-la-la, color me jealous!! I've been thinking about taking cooking classes, but none are around here. You're so lucky to have had this opportunity and at such an inspirational setting too!

  14. I would normally not be interested in a cooking class, but I have to tell you that if that was the local, I'd be there with bells on. Seriously gorgeous!!! How wonderful that you were able to be there in my place ;)

    "Her" and Romeo

    1. Fantastic photos !
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