Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Visit to Provence, France---Part Deaux!!!!

One of our little day trips out of Aix en Provence was to Lourmarin.  What a picturesque (a much over-used word and still not adequate) village.  My travel companion, Tyra and I found a shady spot for a bite of lunch. You might recognize a famous writer, British expatriate Peter Mayle lives in Lourmarin. One of his books is A Year in Provence.

This is their delicious version of Caesar Salad with Chicken....Yummy!

Tyra ordered a meat and cheese plate......So delicious!
Everywhere you turned there were cute little boutiques. 
Our guide arranged for us to visit a local home. The charming owner, has a linen and lace shop that you can see in the background of this picture.  It was attached to her home and was opened by appointment only.
A picture of her beautiful "jardine" where her grandchildren swing and play.
A little side yard with lots of pretty birdhouses.
Here's a shot of her garden wash-up and tool storage. 
Then we were treated to a visit inside.  Her home's been featured in a French home & garden magazine!  It's elegant yet simple...and of course, beautiful!
A shot of the living French....with muted tones of cream, green and pink.  Check out the stone stairs in the background. 
And here's the homeowner, showing her large stash of beautiful cooking pots.
Check out this cool kitchen.  I would DIE for that stove.  The backsplash, the sink and the counters are local stone.  Notice how she uses lace and embroidered pieces in all sorts of places?
Another shot of the kitchen...................

Out by the lace shop is an old-fashion lace making machine.

 The shop was tiny, but filled with all sorts of goodies.  An interesting fact we learned:  Most collectors of antique lace and linens do not look specifically for their initials embroidered on the fabric.  They think nothing of collecting fabrics with other initials.  :)
 More goodies...........
 A beautiful display out in the garden near the entrance to the shop.
And since it was October, the French also decorate with pumpkins and gourds.  This is a shot of her herb garden....Can't you just SMELL the Herbs of Provence? 
The tranquil backyard, with a hot tub and pool.  Can't you just imagine sitting out there with a glass of wine, staring up in the the clear French sky!  No big city lights for 40 miles to block the view of the stars!  Ahhhh....Heaven!
Check back for more of my Colorful French Adventures! 
Bon Jour!!!!


  1. Oh what a charming lovely place ! Thanks for taking us along ! Looking forward to more wonderful photos and posts ! Have a wonderful evening !

  2. Susan, how beautiful. That kitchen was so cool with all the roosters and free standing pieces. The lace machine was terrific to see as well. I will buy monogrammed linens with any kind of monograms on them because I find them beautiful. I guess the lace buyers feel the same. ♥O

  3. Greetings! Saw your blog on someone's side bar and came to visit. :)
    Looks like you had such a lovely trip! I have always wanted to visit France. You are so lucky! (and your food looked great too! LOL!)

  4. It was a total, complete BLAST of a trip! Great piece! I'm working on the itinerary for our next trip!

  5. Loving that- We are studying France right now in school- so all your pictures are coming in handy for teaching! I'm totally ready for a trip over- and when I do.....I'm coming to you for suggestions!!!
    Thanks for sharing your fabulous time!!!

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  7. What wonderful pictures! They fully live up to my expectations of France. Someday....... Jan

  8. Bonjour! I found your colorful blog today and was very happy to read about your adventures in Provence. I will come back later on this weekend to browse your site and read more of your posts . If you enjoy reading about France and French culture, you are welcome to come and visit me chez French Girl. I have some good stories there for you ;-)

  9. Wonderfuuullllll post! The place is perfect for a getaway for relaxation. :)

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