Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Oh La La......I Loved France!

Well, I've been back from Paris for over a month now and I'm still glowing, excited to talk about the trip to anyone that will listen and ready to make plans to go back!  I took over 1,000 pictures so it's hard just to whittle down to a few favorites. 
Every morning we began the day with these WONDERFUL croissants....and Cappuccino.  YUM!
Many of our days were in flea markets and farmers markets and the produce was beautiful and the flea market items were extraordinary. We had a the sweetest guide name Jill who grew up in California but went to university in France and still lives there.  If you are ever in France and are looking for an interesting view of French life, please look her up.  You won't be disappointed. She found out of the way stores, shops, trunk (garage sale type) shows, antique fairs....A DREAM VACATION! 

This cute chest was in a Salvation Army type shop!  Awesome, huh?
Along the main street in Aix en Provence we found a cool Antique Fair......We got out and about early and beat the crowds!
Vendors hawked all kinds of wares, from old to new.  This pottery reminded me of Fiesta Ware.
I couldn't get enough of the beautiful vegetables.  Total Eye Candy!  The epitome of Organic!
And the SPICES!!!!!  It smelled SO good. 
The French sure do have a way with baked goods.  This whole store sold nothing but small cookie-type treats. Notice their presentation......the store owner obviously had to assist the customer or the whole cookie stack might fall a whole new meaning to:  You Break...You Buy! 

The first thing I noticed was how cute and small this orange truck was, but then when I grabbed my camera I noticed the bread in the back.  It's NO JOKE....everyone buys their bread daily because it's against French law to put preservatives in their French bread, so it goes stale quickly.  Many times we saw people walking down the street with a baguette under their arm. 
Another fine example of beautiful desserts that the French create and sell.
And....finally, a CHOCOLATE shop! 

I have tons more pictures and haven't begun to scratch the surface.  So, if you are interested in seeing more of Provence and Paris, leave me a comment and I'll post more.  :)


  1. Ooh, it all looks so wonderful! My mother and daughter went to France this past summer and they both said that the bread was absolutely delicious. All the food looks great!

  2. I spent a couple of days in Paris in the mid 1980's and I loved it. But I never got a chance to roam like you did. I love it!

  3. Glad you had a great time (how could you not?)I was in France for a day on a cruise. I'd love to go back and visit all the flea markets. I bet I would need an extra suitcase to bring home all my goodies!

  4. I wanna go; this looks like a fab trip.
    THANKS FOR sharing these beautiful images!

  5. Hi Susan! Oh, I'm so happy you were able to go to France and had such a wonderful time! I've been blessed to have been there a few times myself! I still chuckle about the folks carrying their bread under their armpits, knowing so many don't even used deodorant! :)I would have to have gone to a flea market like you! Now did you buy something! ;)
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  6. Oh how absolutely amazing to hit the streets and shops! I would be absolutely ga-ga over the pastry and chocolate shops. And the bread- my other addiction is definitely enjoying those carbs~ lol Glad I gave you a true view of what my house looks like while I'm putting up Christmas trees, Susan! Yes, it's chaos and now blog land knows the truth. :-)
    ~ Sue

  7. You need to do several posts...we all love seeing photos of places we would love to visit! I love that colorful! ♥

  8. Oh, thank you for the pictures keep them coming, I would love to see what you bought and how the prices were...Anxiously awaiting your next post!


  9. Wow! Those photos are fabulous! Makes me want to go Paris even more! It's on my wishlist. The food there amazes me. That last photo of the chocolate is divine! Can't wait to see more photos!

  10. What beautiful colours in your photographs! I could live on the bread alone ; o )

  11. Yes more please. The food pictures always amaze me. I am thrilled that you visited Paris. Never got there, did get to Florence, Italy though.

  12. Susan my eyes are green with envy! This is my dream vacation...Paris! I love your photos and would love to hear more and see more photos. I'm going to go back and read some older posts. So glad to have found you and I'm now following!

  13. YUMMM...we had two women in the shop the other day speaking French to each other, I think that's as close to France as I'll ever get...sigh!!! Think of all the memories you have in those 1000 pictures...priceless!!!

  14. Oh, please post more photos, I'd love to see them! I will have to remember to come back again to visit to see them. The photos were gorgeous! I loved your berry photo and the pottery display, and the orange truck was pristine and beautiful... so French looking!

  15. Last year, we drove down from Frankfurt to Paris. We enjoyed it, but the traffic scared us something fierce. As soon as we found a garage, we parked the car and left it there until we were ready to head out.

    We did the touristy thing of riding the Red Bus, then had a lovely late night walk. Paris has the best pastries EVER!



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