Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Urban Market Hunting.....Part Deux

Writing this blog has taught me about what I like and what I'm drawn to. I've discovered that I like letters, signs, odd/unusual things, mannequins, bicycles, France and FALL!
After my first trip to France...(note I said FIRST because I WILL go back again)...I now have a small collection of French sign/plaques.  These reproduction plaques are similar to the originals I found near Aix en Provence at a horse barn/track.  Mine is from 1976 (ahem....I'm drawn to that date because it's when I graduated from High School....yep...I'm officially O-L-D).  These were made into lamps....good idea, huh?

I've seen many bottle dryers over the last few years.... before that...I didn't even know what they were!  Isn't BlogLand great for learning new things?
I've also learned while blogging that I LOVE old bicycles.  I only have ONE old bike and I retrieved it from Heavy Trash in my neighborhood....which I prefer to call Big Trash Boutique. WOOHOO!!!
A globe collection would be great for me to start (if I had the room).  Travelling is a LOVE of mine and maps intrigue me.
A very Martha Stewart-Esq idea on this pumpkin that I'm going to "borrow" next year!  Upholstery Tacks!
A pretty re-purposed dresser.  They did a great job matching the pattern, don't you think?
Once love of French things drew me to this piece of artwork...I think I'm an official Franc-o-phile.

Pretty French Pillows!
Even though my basic style is Cottage...albeit FUNKY Cottage....I adore other styles as well.  If I were rich enough to have two would be cottage and one would be more contemporary.  My designer friend calls this look "Transitional"....what would YOU call it?  
Orange is definitely THE color this year.  It seems to have made a big resurgence since the 1970's when harvest gold and avocado green and orange were used a lot.  It think this zoomy, sleek and stylish orange sideboard would look good with the chairs above.
Who knew a simple, newspaper craft could turn out so cute.....perky flowers!!!!
Yeehaw.....we love our Texas cowboys hats and don't they look chic on these mannequins?
And again....MORE fun and exotic pumpkins.  Check out that long, bright orange one on the top of the pile ....FUNKEEEE!!!!
Anyone having a Blue Christmas this year?  Love the retro look of the pink and blue.  

So....guess what I came home with?!?!?  The leg's below!  I'M Super Excited to try a Pinterest project on them!  


  1. thank you for treating us to so many
    lovely images! i love your cowgirl

  2. I like bottle drying racks and vintage globes. I simply have no space for them. I have no clue what you are doing with the legs. Do keep us posted. Happy Thanksgiving, Olive

  3. Susan, I'm so lovin' the 'Big Trash Boutique' idea. I've found the best things at that very same Boutique' here in San Antonio. I can't wait to see what you do with those legs. I've also pinned that cool orange piece that you had pictured. I hope you don't mind. daughter number one would love it. Happy Thanksgiving.



  4. Thanks for your visit Susan! I loved this post - I adore all things French too! Did you happen to see the prices on any of the mannequins at the show?

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